Craftsy Premium: Bag Hardware

Join Craftsy instructor, Ellie Lum, for expert tips and instruction on how to use hardware on all of your bag construction projects.

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69 Responses to “Craftsy Premium: Bag Hardware”

  1. April Lundbek

    I would love to join your group

  2. Flora Goudsmit

    Thankyou learned plenty ! Good info !

  3. Sharon Reiland

    very educational if the need arises!

  4. Sue

    Premium member

  5. Robert Heady

    Very good information

  6. Margaret Warden Andrew

    Thank you!

  7. cathy.tho10701765

    Good session informative and enjoyable Ellie is a great teacher. Do you ship to the UK? Thanks Cathy


    As always, a great class! Thank you :) Pauline from NZ


    Excellent demo, so informative! Definitely going to try out the magnetic rivets.

  10. Paulette

    Great video. Lots of info. Thank you