Craftsy Premium: Bag Hardware

Join Craftsy instructor, Ellie Lum, for expert tips and instruction on how to use hardware on all of your bag construction projects.

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78 Responses to “Craftsy Premium: Bag Hardware”

  1. cathy.tho10701765

    Good session informative and enjoyable Ellie is a great teacher. Do you ship to the UK? Thanks Cathy


    Excellent demo, so informative! Definitely going to try out the magnetic rivets.

  3. Sheri Lewis

    Thank you so much for your time and expertise. I love your website and have a long wish list.

  4. Carolyn Barnes

    Mine says “Starting Soon” but it looks like I missed it.
    Is there a way to watch it recorded?

  5. Destiny Brown

    Thank you sooooo much. Very interesting – can’t wait to get started!

  6. Kristine Roeser

    Nice presentation. I’ve had a lot of problems with rivets. You cleared up several issues for me. Thanks!

  7. Deborah Brothier

    For the magnetic rivets: Can these be hidden? I’ve seen this done on a leather handbag that I have. Thanks for this video – terrific info.

  8. Deborah Henry

    is there a place om your site that specifies what size rivets/supplies to use for each bag, after we’ve made initial pattern/kit

  9. brayhollo16498262

    do you have rivets in different materials, like stainless steel or brass?

  10. Terasa Plumlee

    I find it difficult to find high end rivets, closures, and other parts. The type you see on designer bags. Can you share where we can find them?

  11. Linette Smith

    When using rivets in handwoven fabric what do you suggest as an additional backing for the fabric?


    My internet is getting bad again. I will view this later. Thank you for sharing your wonderful tips.


    Besides stone is wood considered a hard surface? I am curious about the appropriate hard surfaces to use for this.

  14. Mary Goettelmann

    I have a flagstone patio in garden. Would this qualify as a hard surface or is it likely to damage the flagstone.

  15. Otealua Jones

    I have a hand press, is there an extra piece needed with the hand press to set tubular rivets?


    Hello. I am interested in doing bags with all materials.
    I have a business that I am starting which I create whatever I am in the mood for since my career test says I am artistic. Thank you for the tips. How do you sharpen a rotary punch?

  17. Marya

    I hope to be able to view this at another time. I will be working at the time this airs.

  18. Sandrine Imler

    Where is the best place to buy leather/suede straps for bags in the US? (Quality/price/choice of colors)

    • Otealua Jones

      Someone said you can scroll down to the bottom of this page to the LIVE Streaming Events and watch events that you’ve missed.

  19. Keva

    Would like to know how to put the following closure on a handbag:

    – Rectangular Metal Press Push Lock Bag Briefcase Spring Lock Snap Decorative Clasps Closure

    – rectangle eyelets lock hanger for bags hardware

  20. Zoe Gilda

    If one generally prefers #5 zippers over #3 dress zippers, what seam allowance adjustments are needed to insert the zipper as a top closure in a simple pouch? Thank you.

  21. Jannie

    Does thin, soft leather need to be interfaced in order to make a sturdy handbag? If the answer is yes, how should it be done?

    • Unni Vindheim

      Looking forward to this. Hope to learn a lot about how to create a beautiful bag

    • Doris

      You need to log in to your account. You can view any of the classes if you are logged in with your Premium membership. This is a live event which I have not done before but I presume you need to be logged in at the appropriate time and just press “play”