Craftsy Chats: Should I learn crochet?

Craftsy is chatting about getting into crochet this month! Have you been thinking about getting into the yarn and hook world? Join crochet expert, Jen Lucas on Monday, July 18th at 3:00pm Central Time to ask her how to get started and what projects are best to begin with.

Craftsy has a great Beginner Crochet Series membership special that will help you start your crochet journey, check it out here.

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8 Responses to “Craftsy Chats: Should I learn crochet?”

  1. Cori Lisa Pownall ❤️🌻💕

    I know very little about Crocheting 🧶, I can Crochet a scarf. I am a very hands on learner, what do you recommend the best way to learn at a slow pace. Thank you!

  2. Catherine Dunlap

    Please put a time and a time your email announcements of live chats. I would love to join, but need notice in advance or regular schedule.

  3. Adlen

    Do you have a favorite charity you craft for?

  4. Jackie

    Hello from North Carolina!

  5. Fancy

    Is it simple to make lace socks? Where should one start with that goal?

  6. Loretha Dixon

    I subscribed to crafts thru my cable do I get worksheets and patterns?


    I know the stitches but don’t know how to read a pattern, will this series teach to read and understand a pattern?

  8. Lisa Parrish

    I watched the spinning yarn videos after being gifted some alpaca fleeces. None of the videos address how to choose which yarns aid another yarn. Alpaca’s warm but maybe I should optimize some of it with another type of wool or cotton or silk to add durability to it.