Craftsy Chats: Sewing with Sookie Sews

Sue O’very-Pruitt of Sookie Sews join us for Craftsy Chats! She shares her sewing tips and tricks.

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21 Responses to “Craftsy Chats: Sewing with Sookie Sews”

  1. Patricia Tankersley

    I am thank you for your life chats. I really enjoy them! I am Pat from Sebring FL

  2. Susan

    I’m looking for inspiration and instruction on up cycling better clothing. I have collected lots of vintage kimono fabric, as well as silk shirts and cashmere coats. I hope to incorporate hand stitching and possibly small vintage beads into clothing. I hope the finished items are classy, not interested in creating costumes.

  3. Altoria Obazee

    Beginner in learning to sew, stitches on top are smooth but stitches underneath are loose and messy can’t correct the problem

  4. Reveca Rodriguez

    A friend was gifted some painted flour sacks, she wants me to help her make a “ collage “ , I don’t think that’s the right term! I’ve suggested we cut of flour sacks use muslin backing ( to stabilize) add strips of greenery with some flowers going up & down , get some fiberfill , add backing , finish off with border , the flour sacks have the 7 days of the week painted on them the 7th day throws you off ! I’m at a loss but this the best way to approach this ⁉️

  5. Karen Costanzi

    I want to make my first quilt and I’m confused about the backing. My mother used to put a light blanket between the layers of her quilts. She also made a backing of a light blanket or fabric. Unfortunately she’s not here to help me. What is the usual method for adding center material and a backing? I do not have a heavy duty machine. Thanks.

    • Liza

      As it’s your first quilt, you could use an old cotton bed sheet as the backing, and for the middle of your quilt sandwich, try a lightweight wadding, possibly polyester, while you are learning. Could be worth making a small sample first, perhaps the size of a cushion, to get used to working with the ‘sandwich’. You can join the ‘sandwich’ by hand quilting or machine sewing. if you use a machine, it is worth using a walking presser foot as this will help you ease the sandwich through your machine.