Craftsy Chats: Cake Decorating with Rachael Teufel

Join expert cake designer Rachael Teufel for an hour on Friday, April 15th at 11:00 a.m. CT. Rachael is eager to answer your questions about cake design and to chat with the community! Please send in your questions in the comments and join us on Friday!

Grab a free and fun Carrot Cake Recipe here to decorate using Rachael’s tips!

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18 Responses to “Craftsy Chats: Cake Decorating with Rachael Teufel”

  1. twagner_49371036

    Hi Rachael!
    Curious if you can cover tiny cakes with almond bark?
    I have found the poured fondant too sweet. I’m trying to make the little cake eggs that the bakeries sell for Easter.
    Thanks bunches!! Have a FABS holiday!

  2. Charlene Phillips

    How to make a less sweet frosting/frosting? Or even a whipped cream one?

  3. Kristen Doan

    I sometimes have consistency issues with the baking…how can I be sure that the cake is cooked enough with all the moist ingredients. I have overcooked carrot cakes because of it…and it was a disaster!

  4. Helena

    I know going up in altitude can affect fondant, does it affect buttercream? Also, any issues with fondant/buttercream when going down in altitude?

  5. Myrell Rouse

    How do you make buttercream that stands up to flowers and frosting the cake but is not so sweet?

  6. Mezina Yaghi

    How do you measure ingredients for icing to have enough without stopping and making more?