Craftsy Chats: Cake Decorating with Rachael Teufel

Join expert cake designer Rachael Teufel for an hour on Friday, April 15th at 11:00 a.m. CT. Rachael is eager to answer your questions about cake design and to chat with the community! Please send in your questions in the comments and join us on Friday!

Grab a free and fun Carrot Cake Recipe here to decorate using Rachael’s tips!

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13 Responses to “Craftsy Chats: Cake Decorating with Rachael Teufel”

  1. Stellamaris Akhalumemo


  2. Lisa

    Hi, from Melbourne Australia

  3. Melissa Delagarza

    Where can I find a recipe for 6inch pans or 8 inches

  4. twagner_49371036

    Hi Rachael! Curious if you can cover tiny cakes with almond bark? I have found the poured fondant too sweet. I’m trying to make the little cake eggs that the bakeries sell for Easter. Thanks bunches!! Have a FABS holiday!

  5. Arti

    Love cakes

  6. Charlene Phillips

    How to make a less sweet frosting/frosting? Or even a whipped cream one?

  7. Kristen Doan

    I sometimes have consistency issues with the baking…how can I be sure that the cake is cooked enough with all the moist ingredients. I have overcooked carrot cakes because of it…and it was a disaster!

  8. Helena

    I know going up in altitude can affect fondant, does it affect buttercream? Also, any issues with fondant/buttercream when going down in altitude?

  9. Helena

    How do you get a smooth buttercream (no tiny air bubbles)?

  10. Steven D Cockerill

    Show me more