Craftsy Chats: Painting Instructor Nina Weiss

We are back for Craftsy Chats with instructor Nina Weiss! Nina is a great painting instructor and is so excited to chat with our Craftsy Community.

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13 Responses to “Craftsy Chats: Painting Instructor Nina Weiss”

  1. Toni Pruden

    hello. im in georgia. i learned to paint by watching Bob Ross. I like to do sip and paints.

  2. Noreen Norton

    She was asked about cold wax and she clearly hadn’t actually done that medium. You do not need to heat the wax. (That’s why it’s called COLD wax) and it isn’t transparent. I love cold wax. It allows control and at the same time is interactive so fun surprises happen.

  3. Gail Harper

    I am a beginning painter. I can draw as well. But here is my question, how often should I be painting to develop my skill, every day for an hour, or more? And should I also be working on my drawing skills as well? By the way I am taking your class on Craftsy? Thank you.