Craftsy Chats: Sewing with Katrina Walker

We have another amazing instructor ready to answer all your sewing questions. Welcome Katrina Walker to Craftsy Chats this month! Come send her a warm welcome on Friday, October 22nd at 12:00 pm CT.

Grab some fun and free Halloween Projects from our Craft-o-ween Mini-series completed this week!

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19 Responses to “Craftsy Chats: Sewing with Katrina Walker”

  1. Catherine J Reasoner

    When will you show how to show something to sew?

  2. Candice Westerfield


  3. Kath. Malone

    Greetings from Hong Kong.

  4. Sue

    What sewing projects do you recommend to start out with for my 21 month old granddaughter (almost 2 years old). Clothing, crafts, play clothes. Also I have an old apron that my grandmother made for me and my m thinking about replicating it with new fabric.

  5. Joyce

    Enjoying the CRAFTS! I have a problem with the top stitch showing through on the underside...I did a Halloween project with the black in the bobbin and orange top...I tried to adjust it to normal (auto) then tried 3 but no help (A Janome QCP). Will try rethreading. Do you think it could be adversely affected by two different threads (eg Poly cotton in top thread, cotton in bobbin)

  6. Alice smith

    Hello from Illinois! After you get the perfect fit can you then use that pattern as a sloper or block? Not sure of the difference between the two. Can you explain?

  7. Peggy

    I am basically a new sewer. I am making a wall hanging design. I have a friend/mentor who tested the project herself and she told me that while the pattern calls for 1/4 “ seams, the reality is that I need scant 1/4” seams to make it work. I bought a magnet to align on my footplate but it slides. Any suggestions for SCANT 1/4” when machine doesn’t have the markings?

  8. Donna C

    Katrina, what’s your favorite type of fabric to sew on? Wovens or knits?

  9. Elizabeth Swanchara

    Hello from Berkley, Michigan

  10. Joanne

    How did you create your beautiful background Katrina?