Craftsy Chats: Katrina Walker Talks Sewing

Katrina Walker is with us to answer your sewing questions this month. We will be LIVE on Monday, January 31st at 1:00pm CT. Don’t be shy and send in your questions in advance to make sure we get to them during the hour LIVE event.

Check out these free instructions for our Rip & Reuse challenge where we encourage you to take your old, unwanted sweater and turn it into thread for knitting socks!

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One Response to “Craftsy Chats: Katrina Walker Talks Sewing”

  1. Katie Jones

    My mom is kinda a weenie, but she has a newish Singer that she gotten the groove on yet. I would love to help, basically I'm moron,cmh, b hopefully I will keep my whainterest and he will just keep