Craftsy Chats: Quilting with Kelly Ashton

Kelly Ashton joins us for Craftsy Chats! Watch for her best quilting tips! Looking for your next project? You can join The Good Life Quilt Along for free right here!

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33 Responses to “Craftsy Chats: Quilting with Kelly Ashton”

  1. Rosie Simmons

    How do I get to advertise on Facebook and Instagram like I have been seeing a lot of pretty ads

  2. Saundra

    Is there a way to reduce a pattern down to Minature? There are not hardly any Minature patterns or instructions.

  3. Margaret Smith

    When machine sewing binding onto my quilt, my quilt ends up with ripples along the edges. So it does not lay flat. What can I do to change this?

  4. Judy

    Do you prefer to press your seam open or to the side. If you are not stitching in the ditch

  5. Nilka Rodriguez

    I’ve been trying to contact you for some time. I’ve been a member for a very long time. (Before paying a membership fee) I can’t get into projects paid for and free ones you offered.

  6. Shazia

    Just got a midarm machine and Craftsy lessons are going to be my teachers for quilting. Thank you Craftsy

  7. Dorian Waller

    This is my first time on quilting. Is there a wrong way to start out in quilting?

  8. Gloria Curry

    Hello from Buckhorn, Ontario, Canada and I always enjoy and learn from Craftsy.

  9. Lane

    No comment yet. Just here to listen in. This will be my first live Craftsy Chat. I’ve just started quilting a lot again after about 10 years away from it. Hoping to learn some new things and maybe revive some of the old things. Thank you.

  10. Erica

    Hi Kelly! What is your favorite serger and Will Craftsy ever have their “wish list” come back? It was very useful for me to keep classes there that I was considering purchasing! I am able to look at them when I have a little spare time without having to search for them again(huge timesaver). And then I was able to go my wish list to purchase from there. I miss it, it made life so much easier and I was on the site more often.

  11. Marie Semmel

    I’ve seen that people sometimes use their serger for piecing. While it seems like everything would be so secure and neat, wouldn’t that make your seam bulky? What’s your take on that?

  12. Susan Lawton

    Good afternoon, My question concerns seams allowances. I see from most publications that the usual seam allowance is a quarter of an inch. But – if I making an item that will require frequent washing – would a more generous seam allowance be preferable? If so, what allowance would you recommend?

    • Patricia McGuire

      Susan, pretty much everything in quilting is based on a 1/4″ seam allowance. If you are doing heavy washing then you definitely don’t want to press seams open and you may want to do heavier quilting on the project before binding it. All the patterns and blocks and rulers etc are based on the standard seam allowance of a quarter inch, so you will have difficulty getting your seams to match up if you stray from that measurement.