Craftsy Chats: Quilting with Kelly Ashton

Kelly Ashton joins us for Craftsy Chats! Watch for her best quilting tips! Looking for your next project? You can join The Good Life Quilt Along for free right here!

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29 Responses to “Craftsy Chats: Quilting with Kelly Ashton”

  1. Barkat

    Hi Very usefully. I like. I am so happy.

  2. Rosie Simmons

    How do I get to advertise on Facebook and Instagram like I have been seeing a lot of pretty ads

  3. Saundra

    Is there a way to reduce a pattern down to Minature? There are not hardly any Minature patterns or instructions.

  4. Donna Rouse

    Hello from NC

  5. Gerri

    Where could I find pattern for quilt behind you?

  6. Mary

    Hi! Just looked up bubble quilt for you. It’s apparently a form of quilting where you sew two 5” squares together to make them like a bubble, then stuffing the bubble with batting and sew the bubbles into a quilt. (

  7. Margaret Smith

    When machine sewing binding onto my quilt, my quilt ends up with ripples along the edges. So it does not lay flat. What can I do to change this?

  8. Judy

    Do you prefer to press your seam open or to the side. If you are not stitching in the ditch

  9. Diane Comstock

    Does it really matter if you put the batting upside down?

  10. Tracy

    What would be the best free-motion quilt design for a beginner?