Craftsy Chats: Garment Making with Suzy Furrer

Suzy Furrer joins us for Craftsy Chats. She’s an extremely talented garment maker and here to answer all of your questions! Also, make sure to grab a fun, free pattern from the Summer Craft Party mini-series!

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18 Responses to “Craftsy Chats: Garment Making with Suzy Furrer”

  1. Shirley Royal

    I have purchase some of your courses but now I can’t get it at all

  2. Pamela

    This is best live event! I’m a huge Suzy fan. What an instructor! Will this be viewable offline? I keep getting bumped and have great difficulty going online again. pam

  3. Janet

    I have the issue backwards. My stomachs says into the hip area right o the front but my behind and on down are narrower.

  4. Lori Erickson

    is ther any way to adjust for a “Dowagers Hump” on a knit top where the center back is on the fold and there is no yoke?

  5. Monica Novotny

    I have a bodice sloper that I made into a dress. I have a moderate bottom and a narrower back but a bit of stomach. So fitting the 2 parts is difficult to let out and take in to get a good fit. It tends to pull under the stomach and across the bottom but baggier at the back. Should I target darts or side seams.

  6. lqinsat20375793

    The high bust measurement it important for me to use, but pattern companies don’t use/give that. Any suggestions?

  7. Shar

    Hi Suzy, I have your sloper class for tops. I’m wondering what to do with a pattern when one shoulder and arm is bigger than the other. When I make it to fit right on each side, it looks like a good fit, but it looks odd. Any ideas to give the illusion of more normal symmetry?

  8. Sue Milam

    Just want to get back to sewing. I used to make all my clothes and some for the kids, but I have lost my mojo. Need to find something I want to try.

  9. Arlene Hanna

    I don’t have much luck with dart manipulation. It seems that the dart is best placed in the spot it is needed. After rounded back and shoulder alterations I found it necessary to add a dart to the back arm seam on a jersey knit. Moving the dart into the existing shoulder dart did nothing to remove the excess fabric at the back arm. I ended up making a back yolk, incorporating the dart in the yolk as seam allowance. Unconventional but it worked.

  10. Nancy Tocher

    I would like to make a pillow & a throw blanket for my daughter’s 50th birthday. I also would like to write a message on both. I don’t have an embroidery machine & only have very basic sewing skills. Is there something I can use to write with that will hold up & is washable?

  11. Janice Flesher

    I’ve taken some of your great classes & learned to make & fit pants for myself. Although I’ve learned to make shirts for my grown sons (from DP Coffin), fitting shirts on myself seems like an overwhelming challenge. Help!