Craftsy Chats: Crochet with Brenda Anderson

Brenda Anderson joins us on Craftsy Chats to answer all your questions about crochet. Come learn a bit about Brenda and socialize with the crochet community.

Brenda is a crochet instructor at the Creative Crochet Corner. If you’re in search of your next crochet project or just need some inspiration, our friends at the Creative Crochet Corner have provided 13 FREE patterns for Craftsy Chat viewers. Grab your free patterns here.

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16 Responses to “Craftsy Chats: Crochet with Brenda Anderson”

    • Eartha White

      Hello from New York, Westchester county. I can Crochet blankets, scarves, basic hats, but I have a hàrd time reading the patterns. Please, tell me how this can be made easier.❤️

  1. Barbara

    I’m an awkward left handed crocheter. What’s a good site to view videos. I feel I don’t even hold the yarn correctly

  2. Dawn C

    How to tell if a pattern is good? There are there a lot of free but not sure if they are good.