Craftsy Chats: Bag Crafting with Ellie Lum

Welcome to the first Craftsy Chat of the 2021 Calendar year!

We have our Moderator, Collette Christian, asking Ellie Lum all your questions LIVE! Join us on Wednesday, January 27th at 1:00pm CT to learn more about Ellie and get your questions answered in real-time.

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80 Responses to “Craftsy Chats: Bag Crafting with Ellie Lum”

  1. Carolyn

    I,am a premium member,but I never received an email invite for this chat. My friend told me.

  2. Roberta

    Ive missed it 🙁 I’ve tried to follow but it kept saying “starting soon”. Is there a way to watch it? Thank you.

  3. Cynaash Kualoty

    Could you please explain if the premium membership deal for a full year with the listed items included is exactly what I'm getting if I pay for it today and when is the deadline? Thanks.

  4. Evelyn Yayra Abla Akorli

    Am a novices and I hope joining this class will help me greatly. I hope to be able to design and sew my own bags

  5. Raymond Baker

    If one wants to use funky fabrics, how do you protect them so they don't wear out. I find the waxed canvas options very limited. Helen

    • Angela Rasmussen

      I found her website @ . It looks like a very good resource.

  6. Maggie Mayes

    I have strips of leather to use for handles, they are 2" wide. would I enclose a rope of cotton inside them or what would you recommend?

  7. Claudette Fernandes

    What can you use on fabric to give it a easy wipeable surface and also to prevent rain soaking it.

  8. Leah

    I want to make your traveler bag, but cannot find any waxed canvas. Do you have any suggestions for buying waxed canvas?

  9. Suzanne Beringer

    Should you use a thicker thread when making a fabric tote? How thick of thread can you use on a home machine and also in the bobbin?

  10. Suzanne Beringer

    By rolling I mean when you have fabric straps that don't stay flat over time. I made a shoulder bag and the 2 straps ended up squeezing together (width wise) over time.

  11. Catherine

    Looking to make a more professional looking bag, not just tossed together. The special tricks that create a look for now and later.

  12. Deby Coles

    Great to see so many bag makers all in one place. I'm Deby, Craftsy Instructor for the Sewing Wallets class. Just a quick mention to let you all know I'm starting a new site next month aimed at beginners. That's beginners to sewing or those new to bag-making. There will be a lot of bag-making and sewing tutorials and videos. Plus a range of new patterns all with videos and designed with new bag-makers and sewers in mind. Come and join me as we get started at

  13. Lisa Scharfe

    Want to help my daughter make recycled gift bags for us and friends - upscaled quality ones.

  14. Elizabeth Hess

    Starting to sew after about 45 years! Learned from my dad first and home economics in high school. So many new things to sew with! Do you have any tips for sewing bags with vinyl? thank you

  15. Mrs

    Hi every time I make a simple make up bag I’m never happy with the corners of the zips how do I make sure they pop out nicely. Thank you