Learn How to Crochet a Basic Chevron Pattern

single crochet chevron pattern

Fact: chevron never goes out of style, especially in crochet. And while it may seem like an advanced technique, as long as you can single crochet and increase and decrease stitches, you can create eye-catching chevron colorwork. Here’s how to crochet a basic chevron pattern in your next project.

Chevron Crochet

Level: Intermediate


  • ch – chain
  • sc – single crochet
  • sc3tog – crochet 3 stitches together


Foundation Chain

crochet chain

Make a starting chain that’s a multiple of 12 + 2. In this example, we used a starting chain of 50, which is (12 x 4) + 2.

Good to Know: Chevron crochet consists of repeating V shapes. The number of multiples you start with is the same number of Vs you’ll make. For example, if you choose a multiple of (12 x 6) + 2, you’ll have 6 Vs.

The width of your project is based on your crochet hook and yarn choice, as well as your tension. When we made this swatch with 50 starting stitches, worsted weight yarn, and a size H crochet hook, it measured about 12″ in width.

Row 1

3 single crochet

2 sc in second chain from hook (this counts as the first 3 sc).

single crochet in 4 stitches

Sc in each of the next 4 stitches.

single crochet 3 together

Single crochet 3 stitches together (sc3tog).

Pro Tip: You’ll notice as you go that 3 sc stitches all worked into the same stitch form the peaks or “high points” of the V shapes. The sc3togs form the valleys or “low points” of the Vs.


If you’re new to single crochet decreasing, here’s how you make the sc3tog:

  • Insert hook into a stitch, yarn over and pull through.
  • Repeat in next two stitches.
  • Yarn over and pull through all 4 loops on the hook.
second ch 4 in chevron crochet

Sc in each of next 4 st.

The pattern above (3 sc, sc in each of next 4, sc3tog, sc in each of next 4) makes up the pattern repeat.

chevron crochet row 1

When you get to the last stitch, make an additional 3 sc in the final stitch.

Row 2

begin row 2 chevron crochet

Ch 1 to turn (count as first sc) and 2 sc in second sc (all together counts as first 3 sc).

row 2 chevron crochet 4 stitches

Sc in each of next 4 sc.

sc3tog row 2

Sc3tog, notice that you’re working the valleys of each V into the valleys of the V from the row before, and likewise with the peaks.

chevron crochet second row

Sc in each of next 4 sc.

Repeat pattern across the row (3 sc, sc in each of next 4, sc3tog, sc in each of next 4).

When you get to the last stitch, make an additional 3 sc in the final stitch.

Additional Rows

change color chevron crochet

All subsequent rows are created by repeating Row 2. Simple!

Changing Colors

chevron crochet using sc

The chevron crochet design is even sharper with color changes. When you want to change hues, fasten off at the end of a row. Turn and join the new color in the first stitch. Ch 1 in the new color and then 2 sc in second sc and continue with row 2 instructions.

Play around with changing colors every row, every few rows, or sporadically to see the different effects that you can create using this basic single crochet ripple pattern.

Now that you know how to make a single crochet chevron, try your hand at a chevron scarf, shawl or blanket!

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3 Responses to “Learn How to Crochet a Basic Chevron Pattern”
  1. Julie Gooch
    Julie Gooch

    Can you please tell the best way to delete stitches when you finish your blanket.

    • Mama Whoop
      Mama Whoop

      Instead of deleting stitches at end, as it seemed this pattern was a little off by my math (?), I added 7 to my beginning chain…. Well, trying it now! My last blanket was a half V short.