Your Kitchen Needs This Adorable Candy Corn Mug Rug and Tea Towel

Candy Corn Applique mug rug and tea towel

Add some festive flair to your kitchen with the cutest mug rug and tea towel. They whip up in a flash, especially with our printable PDF template. Just follow the cut-outs, piece ’em together and do some simple stitching!

Candy Corn Mug Rug

Level: Easy

What You Need

  • Free candy corn PDF template
  • Three 5″ fabric squares in white, orange and yellow
  • 2 strips of background fabric cut to 7″ x 9″
  • Two 7″ pieces and two 9″ pieces of rickrack trim
  • 1 piece of batting cut to 6½” x 8½”
  • Fusible adhesive for appliqué
  • Pencil
  • Quilting ruler
  • Instructions

    1. Prep the Appliqué

    cutting candy corn applique pieces

    Download and print the candy corn pattern pieces. Trace each section onto the fusible adhesive, rough cut them and lay on the wrong side of each piece of fabric.

    2. Press

    candy corn fabric pieces

    Press the fusible adhesive to the fabrics, following the manufacturer’s directions. Cut along the traced lines on the fused fabrics.

    3. Piece and Adhere

    candy corn applique on black fabric

    Remove the paper backing from the fusible side. Place the shapes on the center of one piece of background fabric. (You may need to use a quilting ruler to perfect your placement.) Fuse the shapes into place following the manufacturer’s directions.

    4. Layer

    applying rickrack on black fabric

    With the fused appliqué design right side up, place the batting underneath. The batting is smaller than the fabric, which will prevent bulk later, so make sure the fabric extends ¼” over all sides of the batting.

    Lay the rick rack trim along the edges of the right side of the fused fabric, as shown above. Lay the second piece of background fabric right side down, on top of the rick rack, the fabric with appliqué and the batting. Pin through all the layers.

    5. Sew Through the Layers

    wrong side of black fabric with rickrack

    Sew a ¼” seam around three sides. Trim the excess ends off of the rick rack, then turn the mug rug right-side out. Secure the open side with a scant topstitch seam and continue topstitching around all the sides of the mug rug.

    Secure the candy corn appliqué pieces with a small zigzag stitch around the edge of each shape. This will also quilt the mug rug. You’re done!

    Make a Matching Tea Towel

    You can also make a tea towel with fusible appliqué! Prep the pieces following the instructions above, then simply fuse the candy corn to a store-bought towel. Topstitch a length of rick rack across the bottom and bam! A Halloween tea towel so cute, it’s kind of scary.

    Good to Know: Notice the mug rug uses white thread in a small zigzag stitch, while the tea towel uses black thread in a blanket stitch. Use a thread that will blend with the fabric if you prefer, and substitute any stitch you like to use for appliqué.

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