Cabinetry Tips & Techniques

Start constructing cabinets like a pro, and gain the skills you need to tackle your own build! WOOD magazine contributing craftsman and educator Jim Heavey will guide you through cabinet anatomy, how to stabilize and square your pieces, and ways to update existing cabinets. Learn how to give tired doors new life by fixing broken rails and stiles and replacing sagging hinges. Plus, banish loud slamming doors for good when you install a handy soft-close feature. Then, determine the cause of sticking doors, and find out how to tighten or re-glue loose joints. You’ll also learn how to repair and replace drawer slides and glides, and get tips on sanding and planing warped sides. Finally, get inspired to reface and refinish your wood for a brand new look!

Class Preview

Cabinet Anatomy

Meet your instructor, woodworker and WOOD magazine instructor Jim Heavey. Then, discover what makes a cabinet structurally sound and how to identify and fix your cabinet’s weak points. Learn to measure for square and find out what to do if your cabinet isn’t. Make functional upgrades as Jim shows you how to add a sliding drawer. Finally, see how quickly you can update upper cabinets with crown molding to give your old cabinet a new, modern look.

Dealing With Doors

Have cabinet doors that sag or hinges that are falling off? Jim demonstrates how to readjust working hinges and show you a nifty trick for filling in screw holes that have gotten too big. Then, see how to quiet a loud, banging door with an addition of a soft-close feature. Finally, learn how to quickly repair broken rails and stiles to prolong the life of your cabinet doors.

Master the paring knife as you learn to easily core a jalapeño, tomato or cauliflower and zest an orange then learn how to cut down butternut squash and pineapple as you tackle a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Sticky Drawers

Rid yourself of drawers that stick as Jim explores what causes them before offering several ways to fix them. Learn to replace or repair damaged or worn drawer slides or add slippery plastic laminate to drawers with runners. Then, find out how to fix a drawer that’s just a little too wide with a planer or even a candle.

Refacing & Refinishing

Now that your cabinets are structurally sound from frame to doors and drawers, it’s time to spruce up the outside. See how to make simple cosmetic repairs to the frame. Then, discover how to give your cabinets a quick and modern facelift using a thin sheet of wood laminate. Finally, bring wood back to life as Jim shares his advice on stripping and refinishing cabinets.

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