8 Bunny Sewing Patterns for the Cutest Easter Ever

blue round moon bunny bag

Easter is just a hop away, so it’s time to stitch all things bunnies. Choose one of these rabbit-inspired crafts and you’ll have a holiday keepsake for years to come.

1. Hip Hop Tote

bunny easter tote bag

Take a plain old tote and turn it on its head! This DIY is cute, quick and just the thing you (and everyone in your fam) needs for egg hunting.


2. Bunny Face Bags

bunny face bags

If you have leftover fabric from sewing an Easter dress or new collared shirt, use the scraps to make a matching bunny bag. This quick-stitch project is perfect for holding everything from books to Easter eggs, so you can make one for everyone in the fam.


3. Floppy Bunnies

floppy bunny dolls

This floppy-eared fellow will hop straight into your heart. Whether you tuck him into your kiddo’s Easter basket or make a whole nest to place around your home, this beginner-friendly pattern is a fun craft for all your fabric scraps.


4. Bunny Egg Hunt Bag

bunny egg hunt tote

Say goodbye to traditional Easter baskets and go egg hunting with a stylish appliqué tote! Just pick some fun fabrics and arrange the pieces into a festive scene for a totally one-of-a-kind look.


5. Daisy the Fabric Easter Bunny

two send bunny dolls

One fat quarter, two adorable bunnies. Yep, it’s that easy. You can even make two cute rabbits at the same time, then customize the clothing for each .


6. Moon Bunny Bag

blue round moon bunny bag

Sew a round, cross-body bag that’s festive for Easter, yet totally usable year-round. It comes together with just two fabrics and a bit of appliqué.


7. Bunny Travel Pillow

bunny travel pillow

Gotta travel to see the fam on Easter? Rest easy with a cozy neck pillow that doesn’t skimp on fun.

8. Snuggle Bunny Stuffy

snuggle bunny pattern

Soft, cuddly, plump and squishy — this bunny stuffed animal has it all. Make it with basic hand sewing and give ’em a little pom pom tail. (Bonus: this projects comes with a pattern for a DIY kitty, too.)


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2 Responses to “8 Bunny Sewing Patterns for the Cutest Easter Ever”

  1. Cheryl Duarte

    These are so cute! I think the cross-body bag would make perfect gifts for my nieces!

  2. Sureen

    Please inform me as to where I can access Jodyscreativecrafts on Craftsy?