Bonsai Wiring Essentials

Join internationally renowned bonsai artist and author Colin Lewis in his free mini-class, and learn essential wiring techniques for professional-quality bonsai. Become familiar with the variety of bonsai wires available, and discover the benefits of using annealed wire on your trees. Then, learn how to make heat-annealed copper wire at home, determine the correct wire gauge for each branch, and prepare your tree for shaping as you learn tips for pruning dead foliage and stubs. Moving on, take your bonsai to the next level with Colin’s professional wiring tricks! Confidently use the slingshot principle, and watch as Colin demonstrates how to wire a variety of branch sizes with ease. Finally, save time, prevent broken branches, and more after you learn how to analyze and correct common wiring mistakes. By the end of this class, you’ll have the knowledge you need to create beautiful bonsai masterpieces.

Class Preview

All About Wire

Discover essential wiring techniques with the assistance of world-renowned bonsai expert Colin Lewis. You’ll learn what types of wires are available as Colin walks you through the benefits of using annealed wire, shares considerations for shaping coniferous or deciduous trees and helps you assess what level of control you’ll need.

Be Prepared

Learn how to carefully prepare your tree and wires to set the stage for your future bonsai designs. Colin shares invaluable advice for making heat-annealed copper wire at home and teaches you how to determine which wire gauges you’ll need for each project. You’ll finish the lesson with tips for pruning dead foliage and stubs to ensure that your tree is ready for wiring.

Master the paring knife as you learn to easily core a jalapeño, tomato or cauliflower and zest an orange then learn how to cut down butternut squash and pineapple as you tackle a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Wire Like a Professional

Transition from wiring amateur to wiring master as you employ some of Colin’s ingenious wiring secrets. Learn how to use the “slingshot principle” to perfectly plan the pressure points along your branches, and watch Colin wrap a variety of branch sizes as you practice along with him at home. You’ll also learn how to troubleshoot particularly challenging branch sections along the way.

Myths & Mistakes

Now that you’ve learned the best practices for wiring, Colin helps you analyze and correct common wiring mistakes. You’ll prevent lost time, broken branches and bonsai-induced heartache as you learn how to identify issues with anchors, slingshots, wire gauges and more. You’ll finish the lesson armed with the knowledge of how to keep your tree (and yourself) safe from harm!

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Bonsai Wiring Essentials – Supplies and Resources

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