10 DIY Bags That Totally Belong in Your Closet

fremont bag

Bags, bags, bags! If you ask us, it’s not possible to have too many in your closet — especially if you make them yourself. Add these fun projects to your queue and soon enough, you’ll have the perfect handmade option for every occasion.

1. The Ultimate Cross-Body Bag

cross-body waxed canvas bag

Everyone needs a sturdy cross-body to have on hand for day trips, shopping and just getting around. Waxed canvas makes this trendy bag water-repellent, and if you’re feeling extra crafty, you can even wax the canvas yourself.


2. A Fun Makeup Bag

makeup bag

If a full-size tote sounds like more than what you’re ready to handle, a makeup bag is exactly what you need. It’s the ideal way to start installing zippers, working with different fabrics and adding custom touches that truly make a bag your own.


3. A Flawless Fremont Tote

fremont bag

Just think about how chic you’ll look with this amazing bag on your arm. The leather and waxed canvas elevate the entire design (not to mention these durable materials last forever), and you’ll learn how to install hardware and work with heavy-duty fabrics on your home sewing machine.


4. A Cute No-Sew Clutch

no sew clutch

When you’re short on time, it’s easy to bust out this beauty. Choose a fabric that channels your personality, and in about an hour you’ll have an elegant clutch you can take for a night out on the town.


5. A Multitasking Messenger Bag

multitasking messenger bag

Work, school, travel, errands — sometimes life requires a bigger bag to get everything done. This messenger style has internal mesh pockets, a handy laptop divider and padded straps to make sure you’re organized and comfortable all day long.


6. An Easy-Peasy Drawstring Bag

WIP drawstring bag

No one will mistake your bag for their own thanks to the cute embroidery across the front of this drawstring bag. It’s super easy to make too — designed to use two fat quarters, you can skip the cutting and get straight to sewing!


7. A Versatile Bucket Bag

bucket bag

The stable bottom of this bucket bag makes it able to stand up on its own, so it’s the perfect option for holding all your knitting WIPs. (You can also tuck your needles in the handy outer pocket.) Not a knitter? Use it to stash your kids’ stuffed animals, miscellaneous household items or all your smaller precut fabrics.


8. A Beautiful Leather Tote Bag

leather tote bag

Why spend hundreds on a handbag when you can make a totally custom one at a fraction of the cost? By the end of this tutorial you’ll have the perfect bag for stashing your everyday essentials, and you’ll be able to add leather to your sewing resume.


9. The Perfect Weekend Duffel

weekend duffel bag

This getaway bag is the perfect size for escaping for a few days. You’ll find pockets galore on both the exterior and interior, hardware that makes carrying your duffel easy, and cute accents that make you want to use it that much more.


10. A Sturdy Travel Kit Bag

waxed canvas dopp bag

Speaking of getaways, everyone needs a dopp-kit style bag to hold their toiletries. Stitch up this waxed canvas version and it’ll hold up to any adventure you bring it on.


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