3 Go-To Sizes for Baby Quilts

We all love making baby blankets because they’re small (and fast to stitch up!). But how small is too small, and how big is too big? We’ve got a list of good sizes for baby quilts.

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The good news is that there isn’t one size you must adhere to. Your baby quilt can be as big or small as you like! But if you’re looking for some guidance, read on to find out three of the most common baby quilt sizes, plus why you might choose each one.

Just remember: These are just suggestions. If yours is a bit big or a big small, no harm done.

The most common baby quilt sizes

30″ x 30″

This size is perfect for newborns! Although it won’t last forever in terms of size (sounds like a good excuse to make another quilt, huh?), as your baby outgrows it, the quilt can become a play mat or carry along “just in case” quilt. One of the best parts of making a small 30″ square quilt? You only need one yard of fabric for the backing.

30″ x 40″

For those who prefer a rectangular size, this longer quilt gives your tot plenty of room to grow. And don’t worry — you can still easily use yardage for the backing without having to piece it. 

36″ x 52″

This has become a standard size because it fits well over a crib mattress, which is usually around 28″ x 52″. But an important safety note: the American Association of Pediatrics recommends a bare crib (no quilts or blankets) for infant safety — so the crib size is less important than a size that the parents will appreciate.

Anything larger than 36″, whether square or rectangular, also makes a great floor covering for babies on the move — and larger quilts are sure to be used as the child grows and begins sleeping with covers.

What size do you make your baby quilts? Let us know in the comments!

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25 Responses to “3 Go-To Sizes for Baby Quilts”

  1. Jeanne Baldwin

    I’m looking for a charity outlet for baby quilts. If anyone has any ideas, please post. I live in Port Charlotte, FL, but could mail them elsewhere.

  2. Jeanne Baldwin

    I make my baby quilts about 40″ wide including border by whatever length they turn out. I have been using up my stash so it usually depends on whatever length of fabric I have for the backing but still don’t have to piece it.

  3. Gail Burk

    Our guild donates quilts to a NICU and they require them to be no larger than 40 x 40. Parents choose them and the quilts cover the isolets to create a darker environment. The quilts belong to the family and the nurses enjoy the colorful addition to the nursery.

    • Customer Service

      This sounds like an extraordinary effort! Congratulations on your commitment to giving!

  4. Ilene Bryan

    I prefer 40 to 42 inches square for my baby quilts. Sometimes I will make them longer but strive to be able to only use one fabric width for the backing.

  5. joan meddaugh

    I enjoy using pre imbedded panels or pre imbedded fleece when making a baby quilts.
    An prefer to hand quilt over machine quilting.
    You can see my handiwork lon Facebook.
    a baby quilt. That way, I get to do

  6. Cher

    I generally use 6 inch x 6 inch squares and make the quilt 7 squares x 9 squares…. So about 42 x 54 minus 1/4” seam allowances, plus the binding. I self bind with backing fabric brought over to the front, and miter the corners.

  7. Gloria

    I like about a 48×48 or larger, up to about 52″x52″, but I just make it the size of the blocks I stitch together, try for more square, but just want it to look good and give the baby/tot something to use for a bit, or use with their baby dolls later

  8. Judy

    I make mine 48” x 48” or larger. I like a square quilt for babies and the larger ones can be used by child for longer.

  9. Christie

    Just finishing up a baby quilt for my next door who is having a baby girl around the first of April. I followed the Starry Baby Quilt pattern from Fat Quarter Shop but decided to add a border as I love borders on my quilts… measuring 53” x 53”…makes a great floor quilt for growing babies!

  10. Jackie Jackson-Harvey

    I like 40”- 45” X 50” -55” which is the width of most fabrics and enough length for babies to grow with.

  11. Michelle Goldsmith

    Why not include a link to the pattern shown in the photo? It’s perfect for baby!

    • Judy Siler

      That is a half hexie pattern that is on you tube from years ago. I gave a class on it. It is fun and I never did a baby quilt! What a great idea. It is probably Missouri Star.