Week 6: The Dreaded Rut

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14 Responses to “Week 6: The Dreaded Rut”

  1. Susan

    I don't know how I got these classes in my email, but I am glad I did. I am now ready to get in my craft room and discover the crafts I have waiting. Foe some reason I got those crafts and now I can look at everything and discover new things. Thanks for showing me a new way of approaching my crafts!

  2. gmcg5019168355

    I loved this class! I need to just enjoy the process more and not the pursuit of perfection from the first attempt. I am thinking about the colors and shapes I love more. Thank you for opening this window into possibilities in my creative journey.

  3. Ruth Perkins

    Okay, so I logged into my account and where is the link to this class once I'm logged in? I looked at all the links and guess what, not showing?

  4. Patricia Johnson

    I so enjoyed this class. Emily got me to look inside and tap into my authenticity. Thank you so much! You've given me just enough to go forward on my own.

  5. Jeanne

    I loved each idea you presented but I felt rushed and wanted more of each session! You just skimmed the surface in these sessions.

  6. Tara Pisarczyk

    Why do I have to pay for classes? I thought they were included in my yearly subscription. Please clarify this for me. Thanks.

  7. Monika Wayne

    After watching these videos, I am so optimistic and excited about my own artistic journey.

  8. Susan Vail

    I didn't know I was signed up for this, how do I access it?

  9. Catherine Provenzano

    I’ve not taken the class yet.

  10. Sandra

    Really enjoyed the tips, exercises, and common sense explanations.