Week 4: Be a Kid Again!

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8 Responses to “Week 4: Be a Kid Again!”

  1. LARA

    I would like to start by saying that this is an excellent training! I do something similar to this every new year so I can keep on creating through the months and always end up with something unexpected. Nevertheless, the awesome teacher (her name should be more visible, and everywhere by the way) add structure and new insights to these creative process. I will end up by saying that I agree that as a starting point we should limit ourselves and accept imperfection. Is the perfect way to not get loss or dispersed. I'm following the class with a limited color scheme of watercolour paintings, and using leaves as motive. Sorry for this gigantic comment. Thank You!

  2. Patricia Clepper

    Due to illness missed lesson 4@5 now the site won't let me see the lessons.

  3. Laura Samaniego

    Interested in what to "Be a kid again " looks like.

  4. Ann Salvail

    1st week


    Misses previous weeks trying to join this one

  6. Richard

    It's cold outside.

  7. maery callaghan

    i missed the other 3 wks. but am looking forward to wk. 4.

  8. Mari Paul