Week 3: Getting Good at Not Being Good

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14 Responses to “Week 3: Getting Good at Not Being Good”

  1. Della Lorene
    Della Lorene

    These lessons are well done! Small doable steps with clear instructions that give me room to be me! So often I try to copy the technique and fail because I get lost in the forrest of instructions. But this really gives the view room to embrace and discover their own style and expression. Looking forward to the next lessons. Thank you!

  2. Cheryl Mathison
    Cheryl Mathison

    I am a premium member and signed in but cannot access this class please help. When I sign in and search this doesn’t show up. When I return to email it keeps taking me to sign I. Page.

  3. Carol

    This was a great reminder for me! I often stop since I feel my work is not “good enough” and I will remember to stick with it!