Week 3: Getting Good at Not Being Good

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17 Responses to “Week 3: Getting Good at Not Being Good”

  1. Maha Saedaway


  2. Susan Young

    I'm really enjoying these classes 🥰 Thank you so much!

  3. Susan Delhaise


  4. Robbie Radaich

    Can’t access

  5. Mimi

    I've had problems accessing this course

  6. norma.shafer


  7. Bettyann Windram

    I’ll check it out

  8. Bettyann Windram Cronk

    I’ll check it out

  9. Cheryle Roussin

    No comment

  10. Della Lorene

    These lessons are well done! Small doable steps with clear instructions that give me room to be me! So often I try to copy the technique and fail because I get lost in the forrest of instructions. But this really gives the view room to embrace and discover their own style and expression. Looking forward to the next lessons. Thank you!