Week 2: Your Visual Voice

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9 Responses to “Week 2: Your Visual Voice”

  1. Susan

    Ready to start anew with my Pinterest saves. Would it be crazy to just start all over with things I might like. Should I totally delete or just look at everything and really decide if I like it or not?

  2. Katherine Pick


  3. Sherry Franklin

    I would like to see what this is about. Thanks

  4. Linda Grob

    Is there a way I can download and keep these classes to reference at any time if I’m not a member anymore?

  5. Maria Israel

    No comment yet

  6. Delores Harden

    Can't get Into class

  7. Marilee McKelvey

    On page 7 of the PDF, "YOUR STYLE + HOW IT TRANSLATES TO YOUR CREATIVITY" there is a large box. What are we supposed to put in that? Find images that correspond to the adjectives? Thanks for any help on this page.

  8. Meesh

    Unable to access the class.

  9. Pam

    want to view instructions 2