Week 1: Preferences & Style

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32 Responses to “Week 1: Preferences & Style”

  1. Cristina Shedid

    Emily, I love this. I’ve been making art since 2017 (so, 7 years now) and have heard these things in some way, shape or form, but your way of communicating it is the clearest to me. Suddenly, I know how to “look” as I leaf through all my old magazines. Thank you. I can’t wait to move forward with this.

  2. Pamela


  3. Narelle Madrid

    Invisible joins

  4. Patricia

    I can't find the material list and weekly instructions. I click on the link 'authentic creativity' and there's an 11-page document with the question boxes, but that's all I'm seeing.

  5. Hazel Clapham


  6. Mary Cunningham

    looking forward to it

  7. Lesley

    I can’t find the download for the pdf??? Help!

  8. Priscilla Koelling

    I do not have a website but I can't go forward because this pages wants me to put in a website!! Frustrating

  9. Karina Jensen

    Very interesting workshop, looking foreward to this journey

  10. Friðgeir Karlsson Hólm

    Hello World!