Authentic Creativity

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166 Responses to “Authentic Creativity”

  1. christineblasko1954

    This sounds wonderful. Want to take it

  2. Susan

    This is just what I have needed. I have been in a crafting rut and I have a craft show coming soon. Any tips on getting creative again? I have so many ideas of things I want to try, but can't seem to get started.

  3. Estefania Nance

    Sounds interesting and will make the effort to watch it.

  4. Pamela Palmer


  5. Miyuki

    Interesting! I can not wait to watch the first video.

  6. Mary Clough

    No comments

  7. Beth Wood


  8. Eloise Boren

    I would certainly be interested.

  9. oksana creighton

    Could be interesting.

  10. Leeanne

    Sounds cool