Week 2: Eyelets & Increasing

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8 Responses to “Week 2: Eyelets & Increasing”

  1. Jan Kopf


  2. Jan kopf


  3. Jan kopf


  4. Cathy Beasley

    In my opinion, chart A pattern repeat needs to start and end the same, either with a YO or a knit stitch to have edges match. This is an unattractive edge. Not continuing as written.

  5. Cathy Beasley

    Can I add a yo at the end of the odd numbered rows to get the same “open” look as the beginning of the row?

  6. Cathy Beasley

    I have worked thru week 2 rows and I do not like the appearance of your neck edge design. Because the stitches are not placed symmetrically, each half along the neckline has a different appearance. As mention in previous post, one have is open and lays flat and the other has a ridge. Is there any way to change this to be more of a mirror image?

  7. Cathy Beasley

    Looks “odd” to me. One edge has a open space before the garter stitch edge, while the other edge is border by a knit stitch.

  8. Barbara Colvin

    Easy peasy section! Great ideas for chart tracking-so important for lace. Thanks