Week 1: Materials & Getting Started

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16 Responses to “Week 1: Materials & Getting Started”

  1. Jodi McCullough

    I love knitting.

  2. Vicky L Standley

    would like to see the shawl

  3. Christy Cutting

    Jen Lucas knows her knitting. Another fine example of attention to detail, in the pattern, in the video. Thanks for this bonus membership perk.

  4. Annie Foerster


  5. Anne Marie Kelly

    Looks like fun

  6. Patricia A Hines


  7. marjeta čebulj

    Uživam z vami. hvala

  8. Elaine Rutledge

    I am loving this beginning. Could not have done it without the video. And by the way - I changed my 40" cable to a 24" cable for now. I couldn't manage all that extra cable. The instructor speaks clearly and slowly enough to understand her. On many videos I have to reduce the speed just to understand the instructor (am Southern, where folks talk more slowly - I tease my yankee cousins by saying - we know what we have to say is important.)

  9. Michal


  10. Randye

    I’m a premium member and can’t get to the alder shawl week 1. What are the steps to get to it.