Alder Shawl

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25 Responses to “Alder Shawl”

  1. Barbara Schwartz


  2. catherine edwards

    no comment

  3. Sharlot Clark-George


  4. Sandra

    I see now. it is all there. The confusion for me was the email that I got about this class says it's a fresh new class and I thought it would be live and we would get a new email every week for 6 weeks. This class was live when it came out as far back as 2021 or earlier. You can watch he replay each week is listed above under class navigation and the pattern is a download above that. Since I thought it was a live class I thought the class navigation was just the pattern but if you click on's actually the replay. maybe everyone else isn't as dense as I was and understood this perfectly but I was very confused and from some of the other comments so were others.

  5. Sandra

    I found a link to the first week but it wasn't easy.

  6. Roxann Church


  7. Beverly Berg

    Beautiful shawl

  8. Beth

    no comment

  9. Ruby Seal

    I have yarn to cover any needed.

  10. Rutledge, Elaine T

    Wow - only have to buy one ball of DK - doubt the dye lot will matter.