Achieving Order in Your Creative Space

Achieving Order in Your Creative Space

With Brenda K.B. Anderson and Emily Steffen

Join fellow crafters for a friendly exchange of organizational tips and experiences. Brenda K.B. Anderson and Emily Steffen candidly discuss the struggles and successes of organizing their crafting spaces. Brenda showcases before-and-after photos of her newly revamped crafting nook, demonstrating various organizational tools and techniques. Meanwhile, Emily brings the fun with practical advice and lots of encouragement!

Click here to download the free guide filled with tips for organizing your craft space, and as a bonus, enjoy a collection of six free crochet, sewing, and quilting patterns designed specifically for organization.

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12 Responses to “Achieving Order in Your Creative Space”

  1. Leslye

    I am Interested in this site...never visited this site before!

  2. Anita

    I have bought again justto save time fromlooking for something I need and I'm already at the store

  3. Carolyn O.

    I use clear containers, like-with-like, and make labels. Ribbons and tape are on bungee cords or towel rods.Sewing notions are in shallow drawers that roll into the sewing closet. Patterns are in two totes on a shelf in the sewing closet. [Sewing closet is stolen from what used to be a double chimney fireplace.]

  4. Don


  5. Mary Siebert

    your patterns are crochet which I do not do. I'm a knitter so these do not help me Thank you

  6. Rosemarie

    Greetings from Delaware!

  7. Red Knobs

    Spring rods also work well for ribbon

  8. Naomi

    Thanks for the tip of having an ongoing project basket. That was really eye-opening.😘

  9. Nikki Grossman

    I use a Tupperware container for hooks

  10. Ida

    Where was your yarn?