A New Look at Longarm Quilting

Stitch projects of any size without tiresome quilt wrangling, and finish more fabulous quilts yourself! Alongside professional longarm quilter Mandy Leins, you’ll discover tips for setting up your longarm machine and positioning your body so you can quilt longer without fatigue. Learn a simple yet ingenious way to audition designs and stabilize a quilt sandwich quickly, before taking a tour of fun quilting games that make building your longarm skills a joy. Working with two included patterns designed by Mandy, or your own quilt top, you’ll also see how to handle quilting in narrow bands, sharp corners, and areas of negative space. Plus, learn to appliqué and bind quilts using your longarm.

Class Preview


Meet your instructor, Mandy Leins, as she discusses what you’ll learn in the class and offers an introduction to creating designs with your longarm machine.

Ideal Quilting Environment

Discover professional tips on how to avoid discomfort when operating your longarm, learn helpful advice about what marking tools you can use on sample and final quilt projects, and start practicing stitching out your designs.

Building Confidence

Shed any feelings of hesitation or nervousness as Mandy walks you through various techniques you can use to build confidence and practice stitching. You’ll be amazed at how relaxing, fun and creative your stitching sessions can be!

Sample Project

Make a sample project along with Mandy as you learn how to replicate and improvise any designs of your choosing. You’ll learn how to work in small and large areas as you continue building your confidence.

Taking Longarm to New Places

In the final lesson, you’ll discover how to attach binding neatly and efficiently, and create gorgeous appliqué on projects of any size. You’ll look at longarm projects in an entirely new light when you’re done!

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A New Look at Longarm Quilting: Class Materials

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