Mini Knitted Mittens Ornament

Join us for the 5 Days of Merry Making mini-series. Learn how to knit adorable mini mitten ornaments with Jen Lucas, Managing Editor of The Knitting Circle. Click here to download the materials list, patterns, instructions, and recipes!

Series Schedule:

Monday, December 7th at 2:00 PM CT – Mini Knitted Mittens Ornament

Tuesday, December 8th at 3:00 PM CT – Hot Cocoa Mug Decorated Cookies

Wednesday, December 9th at 2:00 PM CT – Felt Christmas Bulb Garland

Thursday, December 10th at 2:00 PM CT – Quilted Joy Chenille Pillow

Friday, December 11th at 2:00 PM CT – Quilt-as-You-Go Holiday Stockings

Download free pattern

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41 Responses to “Mini Knitted Mittens Ornament”

  1. carleen

    would like to make for a friend would you please give the patterns

  2. Patricia Lucas Petersen

    Hi Jen, my maiden name is Lucas lol, fun. I live in the Faroe Islands now but born and raised in PA. I am in charge of a wool sustainability tour here in the Faroes. It will be available in 2024. If you are interested in learning more when the time comes, I would be happy to send you info. Thank you for the downloads! Patricia

  3. June

    Good free patterns

  4. kathy

    The download pattern for the mittens is not functioning right. If you look through the comments you will see we all tried the various things you said and no one can get the pattern, not even paid subscribers. The little pop up box is broken. Needs your web developer to take a looksie I think.

  5. Vimmie

    Like to get the pattern for mini knitted mittens

  6. Barbara MacInnis

    Cannot download the mini mitten ornament. Thx

  7. Tracy Davis

    I tried to download the mini mitten pattern but was unable to do it. Please help. Thank you

  8. Diane

    I used to make these years and years ago. was looking for the pattern so I can do it some more.

  9. Linda Nieuwenhuijzen

    like to do different creativity's

  10. Marj Frohlich

    I have my email address in order to see a pattern for little knitted mitten ornaments. I was unable to open to the pattern. They have my address now but I have nothing. Since this leads to your website I will be forced to avoid crafts from now on. I feel like you have duped me!!