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What is Portraiture Photography: Headshots

By Nicholas Donner
Portraiture PhotographyJust about everyone needs a headshot. Authors, actors, speakers, sports figures, teachers, business people, and elected officials are all among the individuals who need headshots. If you plan to travel out of the country you need a headshot for your passport. If you are a photographer this is a great type of photography to practice, since everyone can use a good headshot! Read more »

Photography Friday: Capture the Best Shots with Natural Light

By Nicholas Donner
Photography with LightAs a photographer, natural light is your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on how much you understand about the way it works. Today, we're going to explore light in its simplest form, and then some tips and tricks for effectively using it to capture better portrait photographs. Read more »

10 Must-Have Landscape Photography Techniques

By Kevin Pepper
Landscape Photography TechniquesIn order to take a great landscape photograph I believe you have to tell a story and capture the spirit of a location. These 10 landscape photography tips will help you make more of the photo opportunities that you'll come across, when you are in search of that perfect landscape photograph. Read more »