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4 Tips for Perfect Newborn Portraits

By Brooke McNeely Galligan
Newborn PortraitsA newborn photo shoot is any shoot with a baby under one month old. A lot of parents want these but have no idea what to expect. And the truth is-- the photographer doesn't really know what to expect either. The newborn is the one calling the shots when it comes to these photos. Who knew someone so tiny could change a situation so much? Here are a few tips to help capture some special moments with the least amount of stress to the baby and parents. Read more »

Photographing Fireworks: Great Shots This July 4th!

By Nicholas Donner
Photographing FireworksIndependence Day is coming up in the United States and that has me thinking about taking photos of fireworks. For many years I tried getting cool shots of fireworks with terrible results, until I thought through what I was trying to catch. Be prepared to capture your local fireworks show by following some of these tips. Read more »

Photography Friday: Taking Great Photos in the Fog

By Kevin Pepper
Photographs in the FogBut be warned, fog is that one element that can either set the tone for a beautiful atmosphere in your photos, or that can very easily make your photos look white washed and dull-- void of color and without definition. Explore the varying types of fog that you will encounter out on a photo shoot, and learn how to work with them for great photos. Read more »

Composition is Everything

By Brooke McNeely Galligan
Portrait CompositionMany of us have already learned the basic composition rules; rule of thirds, leading lines, symmetry and patterns, depth of field, framing and the final rule is there are no rules. However, here are some things to avoid most of the time for the best possible photographs. Read more »

What is Portrait Photography: Lighting People

By Nicholas Donner
Lighting for Portrait PhotographyOh, boy! This is a big topic. There are entire Web sites devoted to portrait lighting, so we’ll do this in the most basic of ways, assuming you have already read my post on Natural Light Portraits, and are just getting started in using artificial light, and have a very basic and inexpensive one or two speedlight setup. The truth is, you don’t need much lighting equipment to create awesomely lit portraits—just a little creativity and a little technical know how. Here’s a quick step-by-step for lighting people. Read more »

What is Portrait Photography: Posing People

By Nicholas Donner
Posing for Portrait PhotographyKnowing how to pose people in a way that looks natural is half the battle when you are trying to get awesome portraits. You are probably not surprised to hear that many people lock up when a camera is pointed at them. All of a sudden they get stiff and aren’t quite sure where to look, or where to put their hands. Your job as a portrait photographer is to gently guide them into looking natural. There is no magic pose or formula that will instantly turn your average photo subjects into Kate Upton, but the posing tips ahead will help you make people look their best in front of the camera. Read more »

Photography Friday: Building Rapport with Subjects

By Nicholas Donner
Portraiture PhotographyPhotography is equal parts art and science and then, on top of that, making an interesting photo means knowing something about the subject you are photographing or the audience you want to see your photo. But beyond knowing your subject, there are a few other things that help with building rapport. Discover them here! Read more »

What is Portraiture Photography: Mastering Group Portraits

By Nicholas Donner
Group PortraitsEvery photographer will, at some point, have to take a photograph of a group of people. Even if you specialize in landscapes or product photography it’s inevitable: you’ll be at a party or a family reunion and, as the only one there that won’t botch the photo, you’ll be asked to take a shot of the group. With some practice I think my skill at producing a frame-worthy group portrait has become better, and these are the things I have learned along the way. Read more »

RAW vs. JPEG: Which is Better?

By Brooke McNeely Galligan
Raw versus Jpg PhotosMost cameras will let you shoot in JPG or RAW. In the end you have the same image but sometimes it's better to use one format over another. Learn the best cases for using each mode. Read more »