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Photography Friday: Photographing Glass Bottles

By Nicholas Donner
Glass BottlesProduct photography is a large section of the photography market and knowing how to photograph glass is an important tool to have when working with products. I think glass bottles are a good place to start because they are common items and you can do very cool things with them once you understand how to properly light glass. Read more »

Wedding Photography Wednesday: Ceremonies in Low Light

By Brooke McNeely Galligan
Wedding PhotographyPhotographing anything in low light can be difficult. And throw in a wedding ceremony where you get one shot to get it right. Nerve-racking! Here are a few things to remember if you end up photographing an indoor wedding in difficult light. Read more »

Photography Friday: 10 Tips for Photographing Buildings

By Nicholas Donner
Photographing BuildingsThere are many different uses for a good working knowledge of building photography. At the simplest level, you may want to capture memories of the places you visit on vacation, which many times include historic or culturally significant buildings. At the most complex, you may be interested in architectural photography and showing off the design details of structure in an artistic manner. Either way, some tips are ahead to get you started on photographing buildings. Read more »

Wedding Photography Wednesday: The Details

By Brooke McNeely Galligan
Wedding Photography TipsCouples go out of their way to include little things unique to them on their wedding day. That is why it's important to take a few minutes and photograph the little things, the details. Here are a few things to remember when photographing the details, such as the cake, flowers, favors, shoes, napkins, you get the point. Read more »

Photography Friday: 5 Tips for Creative Wedding Portraits

By Brooke McNeely Galligan
Creative Wedding PortraitsWhen it comes to wedding photography nothing is more important than the portraits. The first kiss photo comes close but portraits are where the photographer is totally in charge. It's always a good idea to come with some interesting ideas for some fun and creative portraits. Here are some tips to help you think of ideas. Read more »

File Formats for Digital Photography

By Nicholas Donner
File Formats for Digital PhotographyIn this post, I’m going to go over the most common file formats you are likely to use in your digital photography adventure. These explanations will be simple, as you can imagine the detailed technical information is beyond what most people need to know. So, here’s the fast and easy version of the top five file formats you will use. Read more »

Speedlights for Beginners: Using On-Camera Flash

By Nicholas Donner
Using SpeedlightsAfter investing in a DSLR and a decent lens, most people’s next purchase is a speedlight for their camera: those small hotshoe mounted flashes. Adding a flash to your photographs can be an exciting way to change the look and feel of your work and, in some cases, can be the only way to get a decent shot. In this post, discover how to use your on-camera flash and some techniques to get the most out of it straight out of the box. Read more »

Photography Friday: Amazing Pocket Wizards

By Brooke McNeely Galligan
Pocket WizardsPocket Wizards are a professional photographer's best friend. They are small, affordable, and allow the photographer to remotely set off flashes from anywhere in the room. Off-camera flash is the one thing professional photographers have that amateurs don't. Having your light source hit your subject from a different angle will make the subject and light look more natural than a light hitting them straight on. Say goodbye to red-eye. Pocket Wizards are the easiest way to learn the hardest thing about photography: lighting. Read more »

Macro Photography: Getting Great Photos Up Close

By Nicholas Donner
Macro PhotographySometimes it can be fun to take photos of an object from very close to focus in on details that you might not see from a normal viewing distance. If you try this with a normal lens, like a 50mm, you’ll find that at as you get closer than 18 inches or so your camera will not be able to focus. This is where a specialized piece of equipment called the macro lens comes in handy. Macro photography is used on all sorts of things from plants and animals, to product details and textures, to natural phenomena. Read more »

Tips for Traveling with Camera Gear

By Kevin Pepper
Traveling with Camera GearAs I prepare for upcoming to Mongolia, I decided to write about traveling with camera gear. Traveling with all the camera gear I have is not for the faint hearted. Here are a few tips to make your next trip a bit less stressful. Read more »