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How to Make Super Trendy Seed Bead Bracelets in Minutes

Seed beads are definitely making a comeback, which we LOVE, because they are seriously one of the simplest pieces of jewelry to make. Follow this step-by-step seed bead bracelet tutorial and make a whole stack to layer (or gift!) in less than an hour.

How to Make Seed Bead Bracelets: Free Tutorial on

Photos via Oh Everything Handmade

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Seed bead bracelet tutorial

Materials needed:

  • 3-4 different colored seed beads, size 11/0
  • 1 seed bead needle 
  • Jewelry nylon
  • 1 extender chain
  • Clasp
  • Jump rings
  • Double-cup bead tip
  • Charms (optional)
  • Pliers 
Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet- Tools for the project

Step 1:

Cut a piece of 13-14″ nylon string, thread the needle on, and slide it to the center. 

Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet - Tread nylon onto the seed bead needle

Step 2:

At the end of the string make a double knot.

Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet - Make a knot at one end

Step 3:

Add a double-cup bead tip to the end.

Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet - Add one of the Double-Cup Bead Tips

Step 4:

Measure your wrist and start threading on the seed beads, stop once you reached your desired length. 

Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet - Apply seed beads1 Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet - Apply seed beadsBeaded Seed Bead Bracelet - Measure the lenght and finish up the bracelet

Step 5:

When the bracelet is long enough, add the second double-cup bead tip, and make a double knot again. 

Tip: Use this method to double knot the nylon.

Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet - add another Double-Cup Bead Tip to the other end

Step 6:

Finish the bracelet by closing the double-cup bead tips and adding all findings and charms. I recommend to use 2-3 strings per clasp, otherwise, the bracelet will look too chunky at the ends. 

Or if you don’t want to add an extender chain, you can have all bracelets close with their own clasp.

Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet (1 of 6)Beaded Seed Bead Bracelet (3 of 6)

That’s all there is to it! I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to make seed bead bracelets. 

Master Essential Seed Bead Techniques!

essential seed bead techniques

Learn 5 stunning seed bead stitches and start making unique jewelry today! Join this online class to unlock endless creative possibilities and give any outfit or mood a boost of fun.Enroll Now »

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Sandra Batko

The pics are never large enough. Look at these pics & note all the dead space that’s really showing me nothing. Please crop the pics & enlarge the focal point, so we can really see what’s going on!!

Bettina Johnson

I was pretty sure I had taken images close enough for everyone to be able to see!???


Your images are really clear, beautiful, useful and close enough ! Thank you so much for sharing this. That’s a really lovely project. Each step is well resume to make it easy to do. Continue your good work !

Pam E.

I’ll admit I didn’t know what a double-cup bead tip was and when I clicked on the picture to enlarge it, it got a little blurry. But I was able to figure it out.

I wish I had found this page ~when~ I was starting out. My husband got me started by buying my ENTIRE Amazon wish list for Christmas one year and built me a work bench to go with it. The problem with that was, I hadn’t really paid attention to what I added (cuz I didn’t know he’d buy the WHOLE THING) and I had doubles of a few expensive things. And returning them was a hassle. I eventually gave up. But now, I probably have a couple grand invested in tools/supplies cuz I keep bouncing around :-)! When I go into Michaels, I get into REAL TROUBLE!! 🙂

john D'souza

This is truly unique and excellent information. I sense you think a lot like me, or vice versa. Thank you for sharing this great article.

john D'souza

Thank you for your attention to detail and great writing style. Your professionalism shows in your article. I like your interesting views and appreciate your unique ideas. This is quality.



What type of seed beads are those? Are they round or delica or something else? Thank you

Gillian Fitzpatrick

I am really glad I found this page ( even though I use Craftsy I had not seen this before ).
I am going to use the idea to make loads of these bracelets for charity . I will time myself and see how quick I can make them. Knowing me the most time will be spent choosing the colours to go together, but I think it will use up lots of ‘bits and bobs’ I have lying around.
Bye for now,
Gilly Fitz.


This tutorial was amazing! I have one quick question. Do you have a recommended kit to buy. I am fine with buying the seed beads separately I just want to be able to buy a kit with all of the clasps and tools for it. Thanks!


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