Jenny McCoy

Vanilla & Beyond: Baking With Flavors First

Jenny McCoy
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Vanilla & Beyond: Baking With Flavors First
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Baker Jenny McCoy's recipe for lemon-almond cream scones uses classic English scone batter, cream and Nielsen-Massey's pure vanilla extract. You can also add lemon or orange extracts for citrus scones, or fresh or dried fruits. Jenny tops off her scones with a vanilla-flavored glaze for visual appeal.
Jenny's mini mint chocolate chip bundt cakes are super easy to make, and Nielsen-Massey's flavorings make them so delicious. Watch as Jenny makes the batter with vanilla and peppermint extract and chocolate glaze with vanilla bean paste. She garnishes the finished cakes with fresh mint leaves.
Elevate your homemade jams by infusing them with pure flavor! For her raspberry-rose water refrigerator jam, Jenny uses Nielsen-Massey's vanilla beans, vanilla powder, pure lemon extract and rose water. It's a tasty spread that lasts for weeks in the fridge, making it perfect for holiday gift-giving.
Gelato is the perfect platform for tasting the distinct flavors of different vanilla bean varieties. Here, Jenny shows you how to make gelato using Nielsen-Massey's whole vanilla beans from three very different regions of the world: Mexico, Tahiti and Madagascar.
4 Lessons
23  mins

We teamed up with Nielsen-Massey Vanillas and popular baking instructor Jenny McCoy to bring you this extra-sweet treat! Follow along as Jenny guides you step by step to make four flavorful recipes: Lemon-almond cream scones, mini mint chocolate chip bundt cakes, raspberry-rose water refrigerator jam, and vanilla bean gelato.

Jenny McCoy

Jenny McCoy is a pastry chef with more than 10 years' experience working in some of America's finest kitchens. She uses classic techniques to create inventive desserts, many of which are featured in her book, "Desserts for Every Season." Jenny's philosophy on baking is simple: By combining the best ingredients available and a personal creative touch, anyone can make refined recipes and original pastries with ease. A truly approachable expert, Jenny offers detailed lessons that are both inviting and inspiring.

Jenny McCoy

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  1. Nitya Satish

    All the classes from her is just Superb. The very best classes I ever attended. Great work. Highly impressive.

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