Valerie Pradhan

The Wilton Method®: Creative Cake Pops

Valerie Pradhan
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Create luscious, gorgeous cake pops with Wilton decorator Valerie Pradhan. Start by mixing the base, forming the pops and adding lollipop sticks. Then, dip your pops in melted candy to achieve a perfectly smooth coating and colorful effects. Decorate your pops with swirling sprinkles, impressive marbling and tempting drizzled candy. Add lustrous color to your treats with Wilton’s Color Mist food color spray. Combine icing flowers and piping techniques to create gorgeous garden scenes on your pops. Pipe scrollwork for a sophisticated touch or animal prints for a playful look. Add elegant detailing with brush embroidery. Build layered ombré ruffles and elegant rose designs using candy clay. Create fun, scrumptious treats for birthdays, showers, weddings and more. Learn how to make cake pops with The Wilton Method®.

Valerie Pradhan

Valerie Pradhan is a cake designer, food stylist and decorator at Wilton. After graduating from Temple University and The Culinary Institute of America, Valerie worked in hotels, specialty shops and bakeries all over the United States, from California to Florida. Valerie loves making beautiful, delicious creations and learning something new every day. A talented teacher, Valerie looks forward to sharing her decorating know-how with cake designers from around the world on Craftsy.

Valerie Pradhan
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10 Responses to “The Wilton Method®: Creative Cake Pops”

  1. Christine

    How to decorate birthday cake for beginners, with the best recipes for icing paste? please & thank you !!


    How do you add the decorative sticks? Are the over the lollipop sticks?

    • Tanja Muller

      @slwimbley, no. Those sticks are just added instead of the lollipop sticks.


The Wilton Method: Creative Cake Pops - Supplies and Recipes

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