The Perfect Birthday Cake

Corrie Rasmussen
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Meet cake decorator Corrie Rasmussen and get a sneak peek at the three whimsical birthday cakes you'll make in class. Then, learn where to look for creative inspiration in everyday life -- and how to translate it into charming cake designs. Plus, get tips on designing your own cakes to achieve maximum impact.
Discover the secret to making a luscious crusting buttercream! Perfect your technique as Corrie outlines each step in detail, from creaming the butter and shortening, to mixing custom colors that pop. In addition, find out a simple technique to give your icing a perfectly smooth finish.
Whether you're frosting a sheet cake or even a round one, Corrie shows you innovative tricks for achieving smooth, professional-looking results every time. In the process, you'll learn a smart layering technique for minimizing the use of heavily colored icing, and Corrie shares her method of creating an airbrushed gradient effect -- without an airbrush!
Gain familiarity working with templates of all shapes and sizes as you start decorating the jungle animals, rocket ship and birthday boy and girl cakes. With Corrie's guidance, learn how to effectively lay out your designs and lettering to ensure your cakes are the talk of the party!
Transform your paper templates into adorable, one-of-a-kind cake decorations. Get step-by-step instruction on cutting out intricate shapes in fondant and layering them to create dimension. In addition, Corrie shows you a variety of ways to customize your templates to match any event.
Continue embellishing your cakes with perfectly-spaced lettering and festive embellishments. Discover Corrie's simple method of applying fondant letters in a straight line or an arch. Then, see how to fill in the background with colorful polka dots, intricate flowers and bright stars.
Put the finishing touches on all three cakes by adding colorful piped borders. Corrie demonstrates the proper technique for piping classic -- and versatile -- shell, bead and ruffle borders. Plus, discover invaluable troubleshooting tips for fixing common mistakes.
7 Lessons
3  hrs 2  mins

Create easy birthday cakes for kids that are sure to become the talk of the party – and the town! Join cake decorator Corrie Rasmussen and use basic tools and techniques to create birthday cakes with a big-time wow factor. Start class by learning to mix beautiful buttercream colors and frost your cakes for a super-smooth finish. You’ll also get tips for dreaming up cute cake ideas and laying them out for the biggest visual impact. Then, bring your designs to life using customizable templates, perfectly spaced lettering and fun fondant layering techniques. Whether you’re recreating a favorite animal, a rocket ship or making a decoration that looks just like the birthday boy or girl – fondant layering makes it a breeze! Plus, find out how to finish your cakes with eye-catching backgrounds and classic piped borders.

Corrie Rasmussen

Corrie Rasmussen started decorating cakes at age 18 while working as a commercial cake decorator in Colorado. She did that for more than 12 years, most weeks producing more than 70 cakes. Today, Corrie lives in Douglas, Wyoming, where she makes and sells custom cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Corrie's cake have been featured or mentioned in many cake decorating blogs over the past four years, including Cake Fu, Cake Geek, Trilogy Edibles and more. She also contributed a section on buttercream tips to Artisan Cake Company's book Visual Guide to Cake Decorating.


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