Angela Walters

The Midnight Quilt Show Season 2

with Angela Walters

Wallflower Variable Star Quilting Diagram


Scrappy Stars Quilt Pattern and Quilting Diagram


Color Crystals Quilting Diagram


Scrambled Plus Sign Quilt Pattern and Quilting Diagrams


On Point Flower Shoppe Quilt Pattern and Quilting Diagrams


Color Block Drunkard's Path Quilting Diagram


Fruit Slices Quilting Diagram

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19 Responses to “The Midnight Quilt Show Season 2”

  1. Marguerite Farrell

    This show is fun, but I hate the way she makes out that she cannot do anything without wine. Like she is some kind of drunk.

  2. karen yandell

    any tips on how to start free motion quilting? i have never done that type before.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Karen,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Yes, I can give some tips for starting free-motion quilting:

      1. Be sure to drop the feed dogs of your machine before you begin.
      2. Bring the bobbin thread up to the top of the quilt sandwich before you begin. Hold the ends of both the top and bobbin thread and take several tiny stitches almost on top of one another to lock in the stitches. You’ll end your line of stitching the same way.
      3. Decrease the motor speed of your sewing machine, if you’re able. This helps keep the speed of the needle a bit slower while you get used to moving the quilt sandwich.
      4. Practice, practice, practice.
      5. I rarely say there’s “always” something that you must do. Often, the quilting does begin in the neighborhood of the middle of the project and work your way outward. Not always, though.
      There are several really good classes on the Craftsy platform from which you can learn free-motion machine quilting. I would suggest searching the site and checking out some of the available classes.

      For further information or assistance, please chat, email, or call Customer Service.



  3. Tammara Carrara

    where are the directions including how much of each fabric and what sizes to cut? It is missing.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Kathy. Once you are logged in you can click on the Bonus Materials tab under the video and there you will find all of the PDF’s.
      If you have any questions, please email or phone customer service.

  4. VIctoria Edwards

    Where is the pattern? She tells you in the video the sizes to cut are in the pattern but there is only a pdf of the quilting diagram.

    • Customer Service

      Hello victoria,

      We are aware of the issue and working on a resolution to get this resolved as quickly as possible. I apologize for the inconvenience.


  5. Erin

    I am looking for the pattern to know how to cut and piece the Janice Ryan Wallflower quilt. I cannot find it anywhere. The diagrams only show quilting, not cutting and piecing instructions. :/

  6. Sarah Morroni

    I can’t find any of the patterns on craftsy anymore, like the crystal colors one…where can I find those? Thanks!

    • Natalie Ellis

      Can you tell me the name of your ironing board that you pull out from under your desk please?


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