The Flavors of Morocco: Tagines, Couscous & More

Alia Al Kasimi
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Meet Alia Al Kasimi and discover the classic Moroccan cooking vessel, the tagine, and the luscious stews cooked in them, as you cook a popular Moroccan meal: chicken with preserved lemons, and a tangy orange and olive salad.
No tagine? No problem! In this lesson, Alia shows you how to cook a festive sweet-and-savory tagine, beef with caramelized prunes, in a Dutch oven. You'll also learn how to make a rich tomato jam.
Please the vegetarians in your life with a savory mixed vegetable tagine and a hearty side of zaalouk, a quintessential Moroccan eggplant dip.
If you're short on time, this next lesson is for you. Make two quick and delicious tagines, one with seafood and one with meatballs, that both start with a tomato base.
Another staple of the Moroccan table is couscous, traditionally eaten on Fridays. Alia will show you the classic way to make this dish, and she'll also share a 10-minute version of couscous so you can enjoy it any night of the week.
In the final lesson, Alia will make a traditional chicken bastilla, a sweet and savory combination of almonds, eggs and chicken wrapped in layers of flaky dough.
6 Lessons
2  hrs 2  mins

Enjoy Moroccan dishes that are more than just food for the body; they’re comfort for the soul! Discover how to cook tagines, couscous, classic salads and more for authentic Moroccan meals. “Cooking with Alia” YouTube star Alia Al Kasimi shares her techniques for the modern schedule so you can enjoy from-scratch Moroccan dishes anytime.

Alia Al Kasimi

For Alia Al Kasimi, Moroccan cuisine holds the flavors of her childhood and the aromas of her past. She hosts the popular YouTube show Cooking with Alia, which boasts more than 200,000 weekly subscribers. She is also the author of Moroccan Cooking: The Easy Way.


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