George Vondriska

Table Saw Joinery

George Vondriska
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If you want to build cabinets, vanities, book cases; dadoes and rabbets are a must-have joint. The key to a strong dado is a well-fitted dado. We’ll show you a simple shop-made jig that takes the guess work out of setting the dado head width for a perfect fit, and how to correctly use dado shims. Dadoes -- 1:03
Rabbets -- 20:31
Single Blade Rabbet -- 26:53
When it comes to creating a strong corner, it’s hard to beat a half lap joint. There’s SO much surface area in the joint, it creates a great bond. We take this joint a step further by also teaching you rabbeted half laps; wonderful for picture frames. Correctly sizing a tenon is critical to joint strength. We’ll show you three approaches to creating perfect tenons, so you’re sure to find one that works for you and your shop. Half Laps – 0:05
Rabbeted Half Lap -- 7:10
Tenons -- 12:20
Dado Head Tenon -- 14:03
Tenon Jig -- 19:54
Double Blade Tenon -- 26:28
If shadow boxes are on your to-do list, you’ll love the cross halving joint. It provides a great way to join pieces edge over edge. A shop-made jig makes perfectly sizing your parts very easy. Drawers take a lot of abuse, and require great joints so they stand up to the test of time. A dado head and a few test cuts, and our drawer joint technique will allow you to create rock solid corners AND cut the groove for the drawer bottom, all with one set up. Cross halving – 0:05
Drawer Joint -- 4:10
George recaps the many joints covered in this class. When you learn what joint works best for the project at-hand, you’ll be a more efficient, successful, and satisfied woodworker.
Learn more about the value and versatility your table saw can provide in creating great joints.
Learn more about your instructor.
6 Lessons
1  hrs 24  mins

Most woodworkers will agree that the table saw is at the heart of a woodshop, and is key to making quality woodworking projects. This video class will help ensure that you’re getting the most out of your table saw by increasing your table saw joinery “vocabulary.”

In this class, we’ll take you through the following joints, step-by-step:

• Dadoes
• Rabbets
• Half Laps
• Rabbeted Half Laps
• Tenons
• Cross Halving
• Drawer Lock

In addition to showing you every detail required to master these joints, in many cases we’ll show you multiple approaches to making individual joints. This provides you with a handful of techniques, instead of just one, making it more of a sure bet that one will work great for you and your shop.

Tools Used

Much of the joinery work in this class will be done using a stackable dado head, accompanied by dado shims. We’ll show you how to use the dado head, configure it correctly to avoid chipping the dado’s teeth, build it up to a perfect width, and set its height. We’ll also show you when and where flat top grind saw blades are a must-have for joinery, a double saw blade set up for cutting tenons, the use of a tenon jig, and how to use a sacrificial fence.

There are general conventions for depth of dadoes and sizing of tenons. This class provides you with rules you can follow to make sure you’re getting the proportion right for strong joints.

In addition to the detailed video instruction you’ll receive, this online class provides you with some downloadable resources and helpful information to print and keep, including a detailed Class Guide you can follow and use as a reminder for the key points of the class instruction; and a resources list that will help you find the products and elements you’ll see in the class.

George Vondriska

Formally trained in technology education, George Vondriska has been teaching woodworking since 1986. He has been the managing editor of Woodworkers Guild of America since 2007. In addition to classes at his own Vondriska Woodworks School, George teaches at woodworking shows across the country and has taught woodworking for the Peace Corps, Andersen Window, Northwest Airlines and the Pentagon.

George Vondriska

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