Karen Hull

Step-by-Step Photorealistic Colored Pencil Portraits

Karen Hull
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Meet Karen and get started by going over the various tools and materials you’ll need for your class practice project: a portrait of a smiling young girl.
Begin your portrait by drawing the left eye. Karen shows you how to layer colors to create glossy, expressive eyes, as well as how to incorporate fine details and avoid common pitfalls.
Next, draw in the left eyebrow and cheek, starting from the skin below the eyes to the eyebrow, then down the cheek. You'll learn to look for "hidden" colors to achieve realistic-looking skin tones. Karen then guides you through a simple method for drawing eyebrows and freckles.
Move on to the right eye, forehead and nose, focusing on tonal values and colors. Discover how to indicate facial forms without using hard line edges, and how to look for subtle color shifts when rendering skin tones.
Draw a natural-looking mouth. Karen introduces simple methods for checking proportions and shares tips on creating hyper-realistic teeth.
After you finish the mouth and teeth, draw the upper lip, nose and chin. Find out how to define your nose using color and tone, and how to successfully incorporate the area around the mouth and chin for a unified look. Then check your features for accurate proportions.
End class and finish up your portrait by adding in hair, background and final details. Karen demonstrates rendering natural-looking hair and a seamless background with depth. Plus, see how to connect all your elements for polished and professional results.
7 Lessons
2  hrs 7  mins

Draw a colored pencil portrait that looks just like a photograph.

Ever encounter a work of art that leaves you wondering whether it’s a photograph or a drawing? World-renowned and award-winning artist Karen Hull shares her secrets for drawing lifelike portraits in colored pencil. You’ll master colored pencil techniques as you create a photorealistic face of a young girl.

Karen Hull

Karen Hull is an Australian full-time artist and illustrator. For the last 10 years she has specialized in colored pencil artwork. Her work is featured in public and private collections around the world, as well as in the two children’s books she’s published: "Let's Count Kisses" and "Love You, Mum." Karen is also a member of the Australian Guild of Realism Artists, the Colored Pencil Society of America and the International Society of Scratchboard Artists.

Karen Hull

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