Deborah Jarchow

Startup Library: Rigid Heddle Weaving

Deborah Jarchow
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Meet Deborah Jarchow and start class by getting familiar with the loom's anatomy. Discover what features to look for in a rigid heddle loom and how to choose the best loom for your projects.
Warp, weft, sett, beat. These are only some of the words you'll learn in this lesson as you explore a few tools that will make your weaving more enjoyable.
Yes, you can use knitting yarns for weaving (in most cases)! Deborah explains the characteristics of good weaving yarns, what to look for in warp and weft yarns and how to prepare them for weaving.
Warping the loom is the foundation of weaving. Find out how to achieve consistent tension with direct warping, plus learn solutions for common beginner issues.
With the loom warped, you're ready to practice creating cloth! See how to load the shuttle and weave your yarn consistently, keep track of length as you go and add another strand of yarn when you inevitably run out.
As you continue weaving, you're bound to encounter some tension issues. Learning to spot and fix them on the loom is easier than you might think! See how to secure your weaving with hemstitching or knots so you can remove it from the loom without it unraveling.
Weave your first project: a small, sturdy bag! You'll learn to warp for this project project and see how color changing yarns work up on the loom. Then, wet finish it to allow the fibers to relax.
Complete your fringe bag by sewing it together with a simple hand stitch. You'll learn to make and attach a twisted cord handle to finish it off.
Can't choose just one yarn? Good news: you won't have to when you make this stunning scarf! Use a variety of warp yarns to create wonderful textures. See how to warp with multiple yarns, then finish up your scarf by creating twisted fringe.
Explore plaid patterns on your loom. Discover how to warp with doubled thread to create the cloth, and play with pattern repeats to create two different plaid cloths. Afterward, finish your towels with a simple hem.
Even when you're careful, you might notice mistakes once you remove your weaving from the loom. Luckily, Deborah is here to show you how to fix skipped threads, long floats and loopy selvages.
Once you've woven a few projects, continue your exploration by learning to find the right weaving patterns for the rigid heddle and how to substitute yarn. From there, you'll weave a sample to test how your next project will look.
Planning your own projects is as much about yarn choice as sett choice. In this final lesson, Deborah explains how to make different fabrics with the same yarn, and what to consider when weaving with new-to-you yarns.
13 Lessons
4  hrs 42  mins

Ready for a new craft? Discover the joys of weaving fabric with Deborah Jarchow as your expert guide in this comprehensive beginner’s class. Learn to weave on a rigid heddle loom as you complete three projects, including a fringe bag, striped scarf and plaid dishtowels. Deborah will walk you through each step and answer your questions along the way so you can start weaving with confidence!

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Deborah Jarchow

After many years of teaching knitting and crochet, Deborah Jarchow discovered that weaving encompasses her love of fiber, texture and color. Since 1996, she has worked as a full-time weaver and artist. She has won numerous awards and written articles for national publications. Her work has been commissioned by churches and is in many private collections. Since 2004, she has been an artist in residence at Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo, California. She is a popular teacher at many Stitches events.

Deborah Jarchow

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