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Patricia Watwood
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Meet Patricia, your expert guide to drawing, and begin by going over everything you'll need for your first drawing project: a leaf. Start with a block-in, which will serve as the foundation for each of your projects, as you learn to map out lines and angles using techniques such as enveloping and subdividing.
Continue blocking-in your leaf by creating clean, linear contour lines on top of it. Work your way around the shape as you connect the points in between; you'll see how the block-in acts as a roadmap for the contour. Also, find out how to render realistic shapes.
Complete your leaf by cleaning up the contours and adding graphic details. Learn how to use hatching and shading techniques to make your drawing more dimensional. Understand the difference between soft and hard edges, and how line quality affects the appearance of objects in space.
Patricia goes over the measuring tools you'll need for your second project: a deer skull. Start by laying down geometric lines to create the framework. Discover how a knitting needle (or similar object) helps ensure accurate proportions, curves and shapes.
Develop your skull drawing by blocking it in, similar to your first project. Keep in mind that for this one, it's important you take the time to check the accuracy of your measurements, angles and curves to create a realistic drawing.
Complete your skull drawing by adding dimension, details and visual interest. Accent your drawing with contour and tone to make your skull really pop off the geometric background.
Start your third project, a still life drawing of an onion and some leeks, on a piece of colored paper. Patricia discusses the importance of lighting, then shows you how to block in mass tone and value in addition to shapes.
Once you've blocked in the tones and values for your drawing, develop your shapes by learning to refine light and shadows. Patricia will show you how to use both light and dark values to make your onion look more round and voluminous (rendering form).
Complete your onion-and-leek still life by refining the shape of your leek and adding final details and contour lines. Learn how to shape a cylindrical form and approach local color changes with success.
If you like order and precision, you'll love your third and final project: a pitcher-and-mason-jar still life. Start by exploring the basics of perspective and structural drawing. Find out how to block in symmetrical shapes as you create the contour of the pitcher, taking into account the spout and handle.
Turn your attention to the ellipses you see in both the pitcher and mason jar. Learn helpful tips and tricks for crafting these notoriously challenging shapes, how to prevent, spot and correct common mistakes and create guidelines for realistic results.
You're almost done! Once you've made contour drawings of the pitcher and mason jar, add in highlights, shadows and details to complete your still life. Patricia even shares her tips for refining, finishing and presenting your work so you can proudly show it off.
12 Lessons
5  hrs 58  mins

Master the foundational drawing skills every beginning artist should know.

Want to learn how to draw but not sure where to start? This is the class for you! Gain the basic skills you need to create realistic, accurate drawings with expert guidance from internationally acclaimed artist Patricia Watwood. Follow along with Patricia as she guides you step by step to complete four projects, each one designed to help you use different techniques such as hatching, shading, rendering form and more. By the end of class, you’ll have four finished works and a new set of skills show off with pride!

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Patricia Watwood

Patricia Watwood is an American figurative painter. She earned her MFA from the New York Academy of Art, where she later went on to teach, in addition to teaching workshops across the country. Her work has been exhibited at galleries worldwide and was included in the historic presentation of Contemporary American Realism in museums throughout China. Patricia's paintings focus on mythology, allegory and contemporary human life, and have twice graced the cover of American Artist magazine.

Patricia Watwood

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