Anne Yorks

Smart Cookies: Better, Faster & More Efficient Decorating

Anne Yorks
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Meet Anne and start class by learning her efficient method for designing cookie sets. She'll take you through the brainstorming, sketching and decision-making process for creating sets that not only look great, but also save time and heartache later.
Anne guides you through planning a cookie decorating timeline from baking to packing, whether you're making 12 cookies or 12 dozen. You'll understand what to make ahead of time, and how to properly store it for maximum freshness.
Discover the many conveniences of employing a decorating assembly line. Learn how to use cookie projectors to form uniform lettering and speed up your decorating.
See how using piping bottles saves time as you review standard icing consistencies. You'll work through Anne's icing planning worksheet, which helps prevent making too much or too little icing. Afterwards, Anne discusses drying times: how to speed them up, and why dry cookies are so important.
Find out how stenciling and airbrushing lead to faster, more consistent designs as Anne demonstrates using royal icing stencils. You'll practice using an airbrush to create a variety of complex-looking cookies in no time at all!
Learn a fun, innovative way to incorporate your cookies into cake and cupcake designs, perfect for last-minute party prep! Anne shows you how to best showcase your work and keep it safe using various packaging options. Plus pick up handy tips for packing and shipping your cookies to go anywhere.
In this bonus lesson, Anne walks you step by step through some of her exclusive cookie designs in the Paris Girl, Construction and Girls' Night Out cookie sets.
7 Lessons
2  hrs 5  mins

Streamline your cookie decorating and create your best designs yet.

Discover the secrets of making professional-looking cookie sets at home. Expert decorator Anne Yorks shares clever tips and tricks to simplify and shorten your decorating timeline and enhance the quality and consistency of your designs.

Anne Yorks

Anne Yorks left the "real world" in 2007 to be a stay-at-home mom and to pursue her dream of starting her own bakery. As a self-taught baker, she spent years decorating cookies and tweaking her recipes for loved ones' weddings, parties, baby showers and beyond. All that practice finally paid off when she opened the successful Flour Box Bakery in her hometown of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.

Anne Yorks

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