Carol Feller

Short Rows

with Carol Feller


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22 Responses to “Short Rows”

  1. Denver Hayes

    Carol, thanks so much for the class. I am enjoying it. I am trying to work with the 34 stitches for the back swatch. I have done the decrease row on the right side, followed by the decrease row on the wrong side. Then the pattern says: Work Dec Row RS only 2 more times. 28 stitches. I have worked the first of the two RS dec rows. Now I am on the purl side of the swatch. I’m I too purl a row and then do another Dec row on the RS? This would decrease the stitches to 28. However, the second RS decrease would be on the purl side of the work???? I want to follow you on the video but this part has me “frozen” as to what to do. Thanks, Denver

  2. Marie

    I love to knit socks but have had difficulty with the short rows to shape the heels. I’m hoping this will help improve my technique. The wrap & turn method never seemed to get right for me so I’m eager to watch Carol demonstrate how to do that method correctly.

    • Jo

      This is exactly the same reason I was so happy to find this class! I hope I can finally “get it” after watching.


    Oh my –the pattern I am working on has a cabled yoke and no accommodation for short rows and I didn’t figure out that I needed them until the very end. If I add short rows at the ribbing neckline, will it look weird? Will it work out all right?

  4. Stephanie lepage

    Hi. Is there a pattern available for the sweater she is wearing in the video? The handout seems to teach the technique but I don’t see a pattern. Thanks

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  5. patricia Seitz

    class materials will not download and my browser cache was refreshed. This seems to be happening on all the free classes.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Patricia,

      Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry that you are experiencing technical difficulties with: Bonus Materials.

      We are aware of the issue and working on a resolution to get this resolved as quickly as possible. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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  6. Mrs.

    Hello. I just started a shawl with W&Ts. It states co 86, knit 2 rows st 3rd row k84, W&T leaving 2 st unworked, 4th k84, 5th row k82 leaving 4 st unworked. 6th k82. Continue in this manner working 2 less st on each alternate row until last 2 rows. I have started wrapping the two st together. Is this correct?

    • Eunique

      Hello. I made a similar shawl, and I don’t believe you should be wrapping 2 stitches together. You will be wrapping and turning just the 84th stitch. The last 2 stitches are unworked, and will be picked up later. After the W&T, you should still have 86 stitches on your needles. Hope this helps.

  7. Martina Sramek

    Hello Carol, I would like to THANK YOU and your team for making such huge effort to show us how to properly make short rows. It is and always was big deal for me when I saw pattern with short rows….I do have a project almost done but sitting there for three years because of short rows at sleeves cups and short rows at neck turning. Unfortunately I tried several times, still I do not like it way how it shows….I am going to try one more time now after your course… Carol, thank you…

        • Customer Service

          Hi Rose. I am sorry you are having trouble viewing the PDF. Please try doing a hard refresh or using a different browser. If you are still having trouble please give our customer service team a call at 1-888-891-7203.

  8. Karen McLain

    I have directions that say wrapt and turn and then no slip st but knit or purl the next st so do I knit or purl the next stitch with that loop of yarn together?? Making a sweater from top down. Thanks

    • lnnath

      Hi, if I understand your question, you want to know if you have to knit (or purl) together the stitch that you just wrap and the following stitch ?
      If that is your understanding, that’s not the way to do it.
      when your directions say “wrap and turn”, you have to stop knitting,slip the next stitch, move your yarn (in back or in front depending if you are purling or knitting), “wraping” the stitch, you move the stitch back on the left hand needle, then you turn your work, see at 16:20 of the wrap and turn section of the class


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