Ashley Hough

Sewing Essentials

Ashley Hough
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Learning how to sew can be intimidating when you see all of the different products and tools available. Ashley will narrow it down and show you all of the basic supplies you will need to learn to sew as well as show you several extra products and tools that can really make things easier.
Knowing how to use your sewing machine is one of the most important parts of sewing. Ashley will walk you through all of the important parts found on most models. She will also explain threading the machine, winding the bobbin and give you tips to make your first sewing practice go smoothly.
Even if you know your machine inside and out, you can’t sew without needles and thread. Learn about the different types of needles available and how to select the right one for your project. Ashley will also teach you a little about thread and explain which is the easiest to learn to sew with.
Some fabrics can be easier to work with than others; learn which is which! Ashley will break down dozens of fabrics into either easy to work with or not and explain why. You will learn what fabrics are best to learn with and how to select the right interfacing for your fabric.
Whether you like scissors or you're more comfortable using a rotary cutter, learn the correct way to cut out pattern pieces. Ashley will show you the correct way to hold and use your scissors to achieve a clean cut. You will also learn how a rotary cutter can save time when cutting straight lines and make cutting curved sections a breeze.
Once you have needles and thread selected and fabric cut out, it’s time to sew. Learn how to properly align fabric and run it through your machine. Ashley will give you tips on how to ensure a straight, even stitch every time.
Not knowing what a sewing pattern is telling you to do can be frustrating when you are just learning how to sew. From basting to notions, Ashley will teach you some basic sewing terminology that can be found on many patterns as well as demonstrate them.
Once you’ve learned how to sew it's time to bring it all together and make something you can actually use. Ashley will teach you how to make a sewing tool pouch that can be easily customized. Cut out pattern pieces, fuse interfacing and use all of the skills you learned in the class!
Meet your instructor, Ashley Hough.
9 Lessons
2  hrs 19  mins

Sewing is a great skill to have, whether you simply want to hand sew a button on a shirt or you want to design and construct original projects. In this class, Ashley Hough will take you through all of the essentials you need to know to get started sewing with confidence.

Ashley will start by going over all of the important components of your sewing machine, no matter what brand you have. While different brands and models might look different and have different features, they all have the same basic functions that you will need to master. This includes learning how to thread the machine and how and where to insert a bobbin. You will also learn about the different needles and threads available and which is best to use for certain projects.

Ashley will also go over types of fabrics and explain which kinds are easier for beginner sewers to use. You will also learn how to correctly and easily cut out pattern pieces using both scissors and a rotary cutter.

Along the way, you will learn some basic sewing terminology that can be found on many sewing patterns and instructions. While different sewing pattern companies may word things differently or have you construct something in a different order, there are some terms that are used across the board.

At the end of this course you will also get to try out some of the new sewing skills you have learned by constructing an easy sewing-tool pouch. This project will not only let you practice your sewing skills, but will give you a place to store all of the essential tools covered in this class.

Ashley Hough

Ashley Hough is a quilt designer, pattern maker, instructor, and lover of all things quilting. After learning to sew at the young age of 6 years old, she later discovered the joy of quilting and has grown her skills over the past 15 years. "I love quilting because I love the design process—being able to start with a blank page and essentially create whatever I want." Ashley's designs and patterns have been published in a variety of magazines and her work can be found on National Quilters Circle.

Ashley Hough

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