Christina Cameli

Quilting the Grid: Structured Free Motion

Christina Cameli
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Meet your instructor Christina and start by creating a grid for your quilt to use as a guide for free-motion quilting. Using a ruler and a walking foot, Christina shows you step by step how to make a basic and an on-point grid. Then, see how to split your grids to form even more fun shapes!
Next, expand your quilting horizons by learning how to quilt diamond-based grids. Find out how to make and measure evenly spaced lines as you explore diamonds, triangles and radiant grids all with your walking foot.
Ready for some quilting magic? Discover how to use your walking foot to emphasize the quilt grid with flanked lines. After that, see how simple free-motion fills like arcs and loops really bring the quilting to life. Plus, Christina shares tips for efficient traveling so you can easily quilt large sections without getting stuck.
Next, add texture to your grid with easy fillers. Christina demos how to create a checkerboard effect with back-and-forth lines, then steps it up a notch with Lazy-Eights. She also shows you how to free-motion quilt straight lines for an effect she calls "prism quilting".
Then, quilt out of the box with fun curved fillers that nearly hide the original grid. See how spirals, circles and ovals add wonderful texture to your quilt. Plus, learn what to quilt in the negative space that surrounds these fillers.
Wrap things up by exploring more variations for filling the grid. See how combining motifs and fillers gives you endless quilting choices. Afterwards, Christina demos some of her favorites, including loops, seagulls, florals and more – you can easily achieve them all by quilting the grid one section at a time.
6 Lessons
2  hrs 20  mins

Combine your walking foot and free-motion quilting to create stunning geometric designs.

Want to venture into free-motion quilting but not sure where to start? Quilting expert Christina Cameli shows you how to combine your walking foot and free-motion quilting to achieve uniquely textured geometric designs. Conquer negative space with confidence and set up a variety of grids to perfectly fit your quilt including diamonds, triangles and radiant grids. With Christina’s step-by-step guidance, you’ll gain confidence in your free-motion quilting as you stitch one section at a time.

Christina Cameli

Christina Cameli is a quilt designer and free-motion quilter with more than a decade of experience. She writes the quilting blog A Few Scraps and contributes to numerous publications, including Stitch, Quilts & More, Quilty and The Quilt Life. She's the author of "First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting," "Step-by-Step Free-Motion Quilting," "Step-by-Step Texture Quilting" and more. Christina was also featured on the PBS TV series "Fresh Quilting."

Christina Cameli

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