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QuiltCon Lecture Series 2013

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A Craftsy production team captured seven different lectures plus the awards ceremony from QuiltCon 2013. Let's get started!
Photography is key to communicating any brand, large or small. David Butler explains how he creates stunning images on a budget.
Find out how Craftsy instructor Angela Walters approaches surface design for contemporary quilts, and get a glimpse of life behind a longarm.
In this lecture, Heather Jones explores her muse, which she finds in surprising places, from the Walmart parking lot to the corrugated sides of a grain silo.
Amy shares her inspirations in nature, travel and her home. She challenges her audience to play with color to achieve a personal vision and make the world a better place.
Grab your hankie, because Craftsy instructor Jacquie Gering will move you with her reflections on being a maker.
Mary Fons talks about how to integrate quilting's old and new worlds and how to reach and teach beginners in the post-home ec era.
Hear from four well-known professionals in the fabric industry: Amy Butler, Evie Ashworth, Kathy Miller and Laurie Wisbrun. Kim Kight moderates.
Check out the opening session of QuiltCon and the winners of the first QuiltCon juried modern quilt show. Modern Quilt Guild Executive Director Alissa Haight Carlson is your host.
Just for fun, meet some of the people and see some of the sights of the first-ever QuiltCon!
Meet Rashida Coleman-Hale, modern quilter, author, blogger and one of the judges of the QuiltCon juried modern quilt show.
11 Lessons
5  hrs 15  mins

Austin, Texas became the focus of the modern quilting world as The Modern Quilt Guild hosted its inaugural event, QuiltCon. The first modern quilting event of its kind, QuiltCon featured the best modern quilts, lectures, workshops, demonstrations and products from vendors around the world. As QuiltCon’s media sponsor, Craftsy is bringing you this FREE series of lectures recorded at the show, Feb. 21-24, 2013. A Craftsy production team captured seven different lectures plus the awards ceremony recognizing the best work in QuiltCon’s juried modern quilt show. Speakers include Heather Jones, Angela Walters, David and Amy Butler, Jacquie Gering and Mary Fons.

Modern Quilt Guild

In less than three years, the Modern Quilt Guild has expanded rapidly to include thousands of members in more than 150 chapters. The guild's mission is to encourage the growth and development of modern quilting through art, education and community.

Modern Quilt Guild

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8 Responses to “QuiltCon Lecture Series 2013”

  1. Lynda Roberts

    I have been quilting with my church for pass 3 yrs.. Looking forward to learning something new.. 🤗

  2. Gill Rebelo

    Looking forward to learning more about craftsy


    I can't access any videos on crafts. I have premium membership. Can you advise?

  4. Kelly McEvenue

    If I have a subscription for one month and download a quilting video, does the video disappear once the month is finished? I have downloaded a video for a quilt I would like to make. Just wondering how long the download lasts as I am a relatively beginner quilter and have a few projects going.

  5. Jan Thomsen

    Is their a book or a class that would help a new quilter from buying fabric, preparing fabric, cutting fabric. Or any other information that would be helpful to me? thanks😊

  6. Bernadette louise Argenti

    I not an intermediate or advanced quilter. However, I have a project I would love to complete with appropriate instruction: My mother and sister both have passed, would purchase a cloth linen calendar each year for our second home in Ogunquit Maine. I have the collection. I did have a friend who did quilting who advised me on the material colors to use for the border and the backing material. I have that material. As time went by, I could not have applied myself to that project due to life happenings, Presently I am ready to pursue completion of my original dream: to use all that I have to create a few quilts that would cover several beds that are in this house in Ogunquit. It is my hope that I can accomplish this with the guidance of your help.Looking forward to hearing from you Bernadette. Thank you.

  7. Katy

    How do I get the lectures??? TIA

  8. Donna Wasman


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